30 + Best Happy Wedding Anniversary Wishes, Quotes And Images

Marriage has a lot of importance in the life of any person and that is why every year the couple celebrate the wedding anniversary to make this important day special. In India, marriage is considered a sacred bond in which the husband and wife are determined to love each other for seven births. Marriage anniversary is celebrated only to keep this purity alive. Marriage anniversary celebration has increased in the last few decades, before that people used to celebrate only Silver Jubilee or 50th wedding anniversary.

Happy marriage anniversary wishes, quotes, images and how to celebrate a wedding anniversary

The husband and wife are excited about the wedding anniversary months in advance and want to surprise their beloved by giving them some gifts. It is celebrated like a family function in which everyone is involved and some couples like to celebrate alone and they use to go for candle night dinner or romantic long ride.

If you want to know everything about the wedding anniversary then continue with our post, here we have told how to celebrate, what to gift, and marriage anniversary wishes. Along with this, you can get a beautiful collection of happy marriage anniversary images and wedding anniversary quotes and greetings.

How to celebrate a marriage anniversary

Everyone wants to make a wedding anniversary unique and special. On the wedding anniversary, the couple tries to show their love and respect towards each other by gifting, singing, etc. A wedding anniversary does not come every day, so it should be special. Below we have given you some ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary so that you can make your wedding anniversary memorable.

1. On the anniversary day, first of all, you should give wedding anniversary wishes, otherwise, there may be differences between you. Many people forget their wedding anniversary so give your partner a marriage anniversary message as soon as you wake up in the morning.

2. Do happy things with your partner to make the wedding anniversary happy. To make your partner happy on the wedding anniversary, give her something that she will remember throughout her/his life. You should give some emotion-filled gifts instead of materialistic gifts.

3. The wedding anniversary brings back old memories and hence you should also remember your old love-filled day. You can also think about your wedding day.

4. The night of any marriage anniversary should be beautiful and you can go to a candlelight dinner and eat the food that your partner likes.

What to gift on marriage anniversary

If you want to make your wedding anniversary special then you have to give gifts. Many times people are lost in the selection of gifts. Along with the growing years of marriage anniversary, you should also increase the quality of your gift. Below we have done some gift adjustments which will be very helpful for you.

  • You should know your partner’s likes and dislikes. Based on your experience, you should give a gift that your partner needs and likes.
  • If you are a male, then you can gift jewelry to your life partner because women are very fond of jewelry. If you are a woman, you should gift leather shoes or jackets for your partner.
  • If your partner is fond of books then you can also give a romantic or fictitious book.
  • A bouquet of flowers or scenery cardboard is also considered a good gift that you can give to your partner.
  • You can play poetry in-home theatre which is written and recited by you. Such surprise gifts associated with emotions are remembered throughout life.

Marriage anniversary wishes for friends, husbands, and wife

If you want to wish a marriage anniversary to your friend or partner, then we are giving here some of the best marriage anniversary wishes to wish. These wedding anniversary greetings are full of emotions and meaning.

Marriage anniversary wishes for friends

May the happiness and love be persistent in your upcoming journey of life, we wish you a happy marriage anniversary from bottom of our heart.

We wish you a very warm and delightful wedding anniversary to both of you because you mean a lot in my life, Happy anniversary.

May your love travel a lot more distance together with love and joy, May your love be a paradigm for lovers. Happy marriage anniversary to both of you.

Happy marriage anniversary to a person who has gotten the wonderful garden of this universe. I am a little jealous, just kidding. Happy and colorful anniversary to you.

Love has the strength to counter any difficulty, both of you have made this quite realistic. Happy marriage anniversary to the most beautiful and fighting couple I have ever seen.

We wish you a happy marriage anniversary and I pray to almighty God that every day of your life is better than last. Keep loving each other. Once again a very happy wedding anniversary to both of you.

Wedding anniversary greetings for wife

Thank you for always being supportive and loving to me, you mean everything for me in my life. I wish you a happy anniversary.

No matter in what circumstances you are, you have been like a ventilator to me who have diagnosed me from every hurdle. I just want to see you smiling always, thanks for being there. Anniversary cheers.

May our togetherness prevail till ages because you are special to me. You have got the cleanest heart I have ever seen.
You exist in my every breath. Happy anniversary.

Wedding anniversary to my best friend of mine, my Jaan. You have shown me the true side of the relationship and made me a man who I am. I love you more than anything. Cheers, and enjoy the day.

Wedding anniversary wishes for husbands

Our journey together has been a roller coaster ride. I pray to God for your good health and prosperity. Be romantic and charming just to me, Hahaha. You have got a beautiful soul. Anniversary cheers.

The most important decision in my life was what I started dating you and till then I thank myself for making the right decision at the right time with the right person.
Happy marriage anniversary to you man.

I can’t even imagine how can a person be so humble, loving, and caring. You were special, are special and will special to me. Happy marriage anniversary to you.
May you shine like a moon and give us love light.

How to make the first anniversary special

The first marriage anniversary has a very special place in any person’s life. Everyone wants to make their first wedding anniversary special so that they can remember it for a lifetime. If you also want to make your first anniversary memorable and special, then pay special attention to the following points given by us.

1. On the first wedding anniversary, the couple should take care that they do not forget to wish their partner a happy marriage anniversary. Wish your partner right after waking up in the morning.

2. On the first wedding anniversary, we should refrain from giving Conventional or Traditional gifts, on this occasion we should give self-made or home-made gifts. If you want, you can make an album that contains a collection of some special photos of your married life.

3. To make this moment special, you can go on a long drive, which can be a surprise for your partner. After going on a long drive, have dinner in a good restaurant.

4. On the first anniversary, you can record some Shayari in your voice and play it in the car with your partner while long drive. This will make your special moment very emotional and memorable.

5. If your budget is more then you can go to a good holiday destination. Tourist destinations on the mountains or along the sea are considered the best.

How to make a marriage relationship long-lasting

On the wedding anniversary, every couple should take a pledge of something that they should carry on throughout their life. In order to make the relationship between husband and wife long and successful, both husband and wife should take some pledge.

The husband must take the following pledge

The husband should vow that he will never use harsh words or abuse to his wife. A husband should always use restrained language for his wife.

Do not expose any mistake of wife in front of others. The husband should never make his wife down in front of a third person.

Never pressurize the wife for procreation. If the girl originates from the wife, then respect her as well.

Do not try to make contact with any other woman. Never give your wife a chance to doubt.

If your wife wants to complete her studies after marriage, give her full support, also help her to become a self-supporting wife.

wife must take the following pledge

The wife should give up the habit of getting angry with her husband on small things and should not reveal the anger of others to her husband.

Respect the mother and sister of the husband and never use harsh sentences for them. Try to adopt each member of the in-law’s house.

Wisely support or oppose every decision of the husband. The wife should always give proper advice to her husband.

If your husband’s financial condition is not good, then avoid wasteful expenses and do not demand too much.

Happy wedding anniversary images

Here is the best collection for happy marriage anniversary images, you can send it to your friends or spouse to greet.

Happy wedding anniversary wishes
Happy wedding anniversary wishes


Happy wedding anniversary wishes
Happy wedding anniversary wishes


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary



Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


Happy anniversary
Happy anniversary


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