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Searching for some of the best bewafa Shayari in Hindi? You have landed on right page as we are gonna to give you some of the best bewafa Shayari Hindibewafa Shayari photo and much more.

Before getting to this, what we need to is to know the meaning of this word i.e “Bewafa“. Bewafai stand for someone who is disloyal and not honest towards someone’s love, gratitude, respect and things like that. So, bewafa shayari hindi is made for those who are faithless towards someone’s emotions, these shayari make them realise the sins they have done by letting your heart cry.

If there is someone in your life who has hurt you with his/her disloyalty and faithlessness then these quotes will mean lot to you. You don’t even realise the fact that it is gonna to give them the best possible regret they deserve.

When we get deception and betrayal in love even you love the person most in your life then everything seems to be end. You don’t want your existence in your life and you start hating yourself more than that person, but it should not be this way. You shouldn’t hurt yourself if someone else has had done something wrong.

Bewafa Shayari

Meanwhile, if you are going through the same phase of your life where you have gotten betrayal then bewafai Shayari will definitely help you lot. These heart-touching Shayari will provide you the reason to smile again and stand hard to face such kind of situation in life.

Without wasting your time, let’s jump straight to our today’s topic i.e best bewafa Shayari in Hindi. Here, you will get everything you desperately need to live your life again happily. Don’t let someone else to control your life, don’t get heart by somebody else’s deed. It’s your life, live it the way you want. However, let’s get to our today’s topic i.e

Best bewafa Shayari in Hindi for girlfriend

Getting betrayal by someone in love is very common thing in today’s life, most of us must have faced this phase at some point of time in our life. If your girlfriend has cheated on you and you are hurt then, will everything would be sort by weeping. No, things will be more tough and rough by crying and constantly weeping, you should get up and stand hard so that the other person gets some sort of regret.

If other person want you to cry and struggle, then face them with smiling face. If you want the person to realize about her sins then go with these bewafa Shayari’s love for girlfriend, you can do it by sending her text or putting status on social media platforms.

Bevafai hi karni thi to pyar kyu kiya,
Dhokha hi dena tha to mujhe kyu chuna,
Maine kya bigada tha tere aur tere dil ka,
Jo mujhse banavati pyar ka dhong tune kiya..

Bewafa Shayari

Paani me bhi aag laga sakta hu mai,
Teri bevafa yaado ko to yu bhula sakta hu mai,
Mujhe tuta hua dekhne ko bekaraar tha tera dil,
Lekin tujhe bhulakar sikander bhi ban sakta hu mai..

Mohabbat ke daasta ki bhi ajab kahani hai,
Jahar piya meera ne, aur duniya radha ki devani hai…

Khelne ka itna hi shauk tha to khilauna kyu nhi le leti ho,
Dhokha dene ka itna hi man hota hai to pyar insaan se kyu kar leti ho…

Ek din aayega ham bhi kafan m lipat jayenge,
Har ek rishta insaano se tod kar jayenge,
Jitna bhi chaho satalo jaalim,
Ek din tum sabko rulaate hue chale jayenge…

Ye pyar tha, kashish thi ya jhutha fareb koi,
Mujhe to jawab de nhi paai, khuda ko kya dogi….

Kuchh to raham karo ae jaalim duniya ke log,
Mujhe itni bebasi na do ki mai shayar ban jaau…

Bewafa Shayari

Bewafa Shayari in English

Someone has right said that cheating is a choice it is not done by mistake, so if you are getting constant betrayal besides of your love then it only means that you are being used for purpose. Bwvafa doesn’t only signify the two lovers who got separated it also depicts the reality of two relationship. If someone is cheating by being in any relationship then he/she is disloyal and doesn’t deserve your love anymore.

Disloyalty and faithlessness toward someone’s selfless love is the biggest crime in this universe, there should be no apology for it. If you also get “bevafai” in your life by someone then bewafa Shayari in english can be really helpful to you. Here we go with our first bewafa quotes in English;

Cheating and continuing of lying for so long in a relationship is not a compulsion, it is the first step to get rid of someone i.e break-up.

Don’t play with someone’s emotions because you never know the next turn is gonna to be yours.

Broken hearts have the opportunity to get along and stand stronger than ever, so don’t think that you will ruin someone’s life by giving betrayal.

You haven’t cheated on me by chance, you did it by choice.

Isn’t it too hard to ask someone to be in love again if he/she is already broken.

Almighty God and heaven never undermine the broken heart because they are the most pained person on earth.

Pleasure of getting love lasts for a moment, but most of the time pain of love lasts for a lifetime in memory.

Never ever push a loyal person too much in your life because the moment you give them remote they try hard to control you.

Cheat on good lady has some consequences like you end up with bitch which you deserve. Never cheat a girl who cares and love you selflessly

Hindi bewafa Shayari with images

Searching for some of the best hindi bevafa shayari photo, we have got it for you. Whenever you get involved in hassle of remembering your ex or someone you loved in past, these photos will feed your mind up and you will feel better. Visualisation with some quality quotes always gives immense pleasure to our heart, henceforth use these photos to lighten your mood. Don’t be so nice with them who doens’t care about you and your emotions. Here we go with our first bewafa Shayari with images

Conclusion: Points to be noted

Hurting yourself by remembering old mishaps in your relation is not a solution  for happy life. Forget your black phase of past and learn the lessons of life from it to move forward in life. Life has much more things to do and explore about, so don’t be hurted by someone else’s deed. Almighty God will pay them for their sins they have committed, so don’t worry about past and be concerned about upcoming years. Betrayal hurts but it should not hurt much that it ruins you.

If you have been suffering from the betrayal by someone you loved more than yourself then use these quotes to strengthen your guts and will power. Bewafa Shayari in hindi and bewafa quotes in English are the best way to deviate your mind and live happily.

I hope you loved this post and find it helpful in getting over of such tragic situation. If you liked it then don’t be so busy to share it with your loved ones. As it might help them!


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