Best Breakup Status In English For WhatsApp

Best Breakup Status In English For WhatsApp: What else can be a better way to get out of breakups than broken heart quotes? When we are indulged in a relationship, we should be ready to face breakups and patch-ups. Feeling of love is something which looks soothing to everyone but breakups are something that feels horrible to bear. Breakups change one’s life drastically because it teaches us lot of things, sometimes it is necessary because you never know the kind of person you’re living with. Breakups have lot of positive and negative perspective but one thing which remains constant is that it gives us a way to start a new chapter with the kind-hearted person.

Breakups can make one’s life ruined and completely devastating but if you try to know the other side of it, then it can be beneficial for your upcoming years. If you want to forget your past or remove the miscommunication then breakup status can be very helpful and motivating for you. You can convince your thoughts with your ex about what you think about your relationship. You can eradicate the misconceptions between you both and make your relationship happy and blissful. In this post, we are going to give you some best breakup status that can fulfill your current requirements.

Best breakup status

Are you going through a breakup and find yourself unable to get out of it? We have got some wonderful lines which is meaningful and worthwhile to give you life lessons. Breakup status which gives us way to move forward in life is useful because it teaches us how to forget sour past.

Breakup Status

Sometimes, it is better to draw boundaries for your feelings because it is not easy for everyone to understand it.

I am broken, sad, devastated but I’m pretending to be happy because I don’t need fake people’s sympathy anymore.

True love is something which is not found overnight, it is built over a period of time but some people don’t understand it.

Just don’t care about those who hurt you, mind the things which they taught you.

People say that breakups make a person broken but this doesn’t imply on me because I have learned to be united now.

Once in a while, time comes in a relationship where you need to think upon your relationship seriously and move on if it lacks in some cases.

Breakup Status

Love breakup status

If you love someone wholeheartedly and you get nothing besides of regret and betrayal, then you go through a lot. Lot of people don’t even know how to survive such tough times with a smiling face, to heal your pain you should definitely go with some of the best love breakup Shayari. If you are anyhow able to share these lines with your ex-loved one, then it will make him/her feel sorry. Here we go with our such love breakup quotes;

I don’t know why you choose not to play with artificial toys, you have played with my heart and made it cry. I will never be able to pardon you. Am sorry!

No matter how badly your hearts cry, the world doesn’t stop for your grief and sorrow. I am broken but stronger than before.

You told me that you will never let me go alone, but you lied as you were cheating on me.

Before falling in love with someone, one thing which everyone should learn is how to wipe TEARS because tear is the final outcome of one-sided love.

I am proud on my heart because it has been broken, cheated, played but it still works.

I don’t think I will ever be able to love you the way I loved you, and I am desperate to hold you in my arms. I am broken!

Breakup Status

Breakup status for boys

Society has stereotypes that boys are so strong that they get out of breakups and cheating very easily, but the scenario is completely opposite. Boys cry much more than the girls do because they find themselves unable to share it with their friends and family. Just because they resist sharing their problems with people around them, their grief is more. Breakup quotes for boys will make them able to get new life and lesson to move forward in life. Here we go with such breakup quotes,

I wish I could have never met you as you have ruined my life. May you get some wisdom and willpower to never hurt anyone’s innocent feelings.

The worst feeling comes to a boy when he found that he was used and lied by the people he loved and trusted most. Shame on you!

Tears are not just water droplets it comes when your lips stop describing how much it has been hurt.

You think I’m alone after you, no you are wrong. Loneliness is something which is gonna to constant with me for rest of my life.

I don’t know why this world is so materialistic where they never care about people’s emotions and feelings. I just want to say, have some humanity and don’t play with heart.

Breakup status for girls

We always curse girls or women for cheating in a relationship but it is not so, lot of times girls get a broken heart because of her partner. If you are also regretting on your broken delicate heart, then you don’t need to cry. Just forget your past as a bad experience and move on with emotional break up quotes.

It is shocking to see your transition from being everything to a stranger. Yes, You read it rightly, you are a stranger for me and I don’t know who the hell are you.

Don’t mess around with girls’ feelings because you never know about yours. May you get more than you have given to me.

I won’t say I am broken and cheated, I will rather call it was my luck that I get out of some extremely bad company.

I know one day you will regret and feel sorry about what you did with me, but it will be too late.

I did never mean to fall in love, but I did. You never mean to break my heart but you did.


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