Best Crush Status In English For WhatsApp

Crush Status

Best Crush Status In English For WhatsApp: Having a crush on someone is the most wonderful feeling a person ever enjoy, we all must be gone or going through a phase where we make crush and decide to love him/her for rest of our life. We may have one, two or many crush in our … Read more

Best Breakup Status In English For WhatsApp

Breakup Status

Best Breakup Status In English For WhatsApp: What else can be a better way to get out of breakups than broken heart quotes? When we are indulged in a relationship, we should be ready to face breakups and patch-ups. Feeling of love is something which looks soothing to everyone but breakups are something that feels … Read more

Best Emotional Status For Friends, Family, And Lover

emotional status

Best Emotional Status For Friends, Family, And Lover: In our day-to-day life, there are many times when we get to realize the significance of our loved ones, and moments like these make our hearts emotional. When you get to know the true sense of your loved one’s presence in your life, you should never resist … Read more

25+Best Feeling Alone Status Quotes In English For WhatsApp

alone status

Feeling Alone Status In English For WhatsApp: How many times does it happen with you that you are surrounded by a lot of people but still feel alone? You might feel an emptiness in your life despite being with many people. It is a phase of life that anyone can feel and go through but … Read more

Best Sorry Status, Messages,Quotes And Images For WhatsApp

sorry status

Do you need some of the Best sorry status in English to put on for regretting or apologizing to someone? There are so many people who are not so used to saying sorry to someone, but Sorry status is something which can be delivered easily to the person and it is so effective. Whatsapp sorry status in … Read more

30+ Best Single Status Quotes For WhatsApp

Single Status

30+ Best Single Status For WhatsApp: Searching for some of the best cool being signal quotes to put on Whatsapp or social media photo caption, we have got some of the wonderful funny but humorous single quotes. Nowadays everyone loves to put the best caption with their photo to get some cool dude feelings. These quotes … Read more