Best Crush Status In English For WhatsApp

Best Crush Status In English For WhatsApp: Having a crush on someone is the most wonderful feeling a person ever enjoy, we all must be gone or going through a phase where we make crush and decide to love him/her for rest of our life. We may have one, two or many crush in our life but one thing that remains constant is our innocent love for them. Having a crush on someone doesn’t have any limitations, we may consider a crush to a movie celebrity or somebody to whom we know personally.

If you too have a crush on someone and you love him/her like no one can in this universe, then you can choose to convey your emotions through crush status in English. Confessions require lot of guts but it has its own advantages, you should confess your feelings timely otherwise things can change drastically. If you want your love to be complete without any hurdles, you should go with lovely crush status to convince your loved one. In this post, we have got some sweet crush quotes to make your way smooth.

Best crush status in English

Sometimes I wonder why I smile a lot, but today I got to know that it is you who made me smile often for no reason at all. I am in love with you, the way you walk, talk, smile everything. Meanwhile, will you be mine.

I have waited years to listen from your lips saying, I love you too. Thank you for making me feel better today, I feel thankful and grateful to almighty that they sent you in my life.

Crush Status

I have an innocent but honest crush on you, and I want my heart to beat for you for rest of my life. You are like a fragrant flower that made every visitor smile and feel good. I love you and wanted to be yours.

Hey, my sweetheart if you don’t mind I wanna ask one thing, would you love to be the mother of my children? I know it was lame but seriously I love you infinity!

You are a flower that gives fragrance to the person who crushes it, which means you will be loved by your enemy too. I want a girl exactly like you to spend rest of my life.

Butterfly, no entire zoo is fluttering in my tummy since the time I have got a glimpse of yours. You are the perfect persona which can attract any single person in the world.

Cute crush quotes for your bestie

Dear crush, there are many things and talks which I have to do with you but once I see you in real I become speechless. I love you and I mean it.

Dear crush, don’t get scared on this valentine’s day if a naughty boy as per you snatches you and take to you in his world. Be ready something big is waiting to happen this valentine.

Each time you come close to me, my heart start beating faster, my stomach gets butterflies, my mind gets hyper. Basically I loose my control once I see you.

If I have to choose between crushes and affairs, I will definitely go with crushes because having crush allows you to be less responsive and committed. Just love your crush in different world.

Free advice: try not to get attached with someone because somebody has already decided to make you a permanent pillar of support in his life. It’s me dear crush!

Crush Status

Crush love status in English

If you are loving your crush seriously and don’t want your relationship to be taken granted, then some lovely love status should be used by you so that you get to live your life with your real loved one. If you also want your crush to get know about your feelings either directly or indirectly, then love crush quotes will be very assisting to you. Here we go with our first such quote;

Most of the time I keep myself busy in doing some real gig but everything I stop or pause I just think of you. I have a huge crush on you.

You have stolen my heart, sleep, relief and much more. Will you give it all back to me? I don’t want you to be in my dream because I want you in real, hey will you be mine?

If loving you from bottom of my heart is a crime then I am ready to be declared most wanted criminal. Meanwhile, I can’t even think of my upcoming years without you.

Do you wonder with a question that how many times you crossed my mind? I would say that just once because since then I never let you go down of my head.

I want this relationship to go beyond and set new paradigm for generations to come but I get worried because I don’t know how you will react.

Short crush status for Fb

If you want to get short but sweet crush status to upload on social media platforms like facebook and WhatsApp so that your crush understands your feelings, then we have got some amazing lines for you which will make your way. We have selected some of the best crush statuses in English which will be very beneficial for you.

When I see you online, I wait for my name to be pinged by you.

All I ever wanted to be your friend but I could never dream of becoming your partner in crime.

Will you be my movie-watching buddy on every weekend? Simply, I have opened the gate, will you enter in it?

People say crushes keep on changing over the period of time but since the day I met you, you are my first and last.


I hope you loved this blog, in this post we have given you some wonderful crush quotes in english for WhatsApp, love crush quotes and much more. Letting your crush know your hearts voice is very necessary otherwise it would be too late.

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