Best Emotional Status For Friends, Family, And Lover

Best Emotional Status For Friends, Family, And Lover: In our day-to-day life, there are many times when we get to realize the significance of our loved ones, and moments like these make our hearts emotional. When you get to know the true sense of your loved one’s presence in your life, you should never resist yourself from appreciating them. Friends and family is something which makes one’s life blissful and prosperous, so it becomes very important for one to cherish their presence.

Emotional status can’t be inserted by everyone because you will get emotional only if you understand things around you. In the success of one’s life, there are many people’s contributions to whom we should always show our gratitude. We can express our feelings for them through some wonderful lines which is specifically made for them, through this emotional status we can make our loved ones realize happiness and pride. Here, we are providing you some heartwarming emotional quotes to make your loved ones proud.

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Emotional status for WhatsApp for friends

Whenever you feel thankful to someone and you don’t find a way to cherish their presence in your life, there can’t be a better way than Whatsapp status. WhatsApp statuses make your voice reach to the heart of your loved ones, and they get to know things you mean for them. There may be many people in your contact list to whom you respect a lot, sometimes their deeds make us emotional and happy as well, so you can applaud them through emotional WhatsApp quotes.

Ecstasy or agony, you have always been a permanent pillar to support me as no one can. I just wanna say, thanks for everything you have added in my life.

I can’t describe in words that how much you mean to me, you have given me sense, understanding, life lessons and much more. Basically, you have made me able to stand and face this problematic world.

I just wanna confess one thing to you, I fear a lot of losing you. Promise me that you will never leave me alone, I can’t even imagine my life without you. I love you and I mean it.

I feel insecure and jealous as well that one day someone will make you happier than I do, and it simply means I never want to let you go from my life.

Whenever you feel happy you enjoy the music beats, but when you feel emotional and respect emotions you get to understand the lyrics of music.

Life is nothing but a roller coaster ride where you will have to go through every shape of emotions, so be ready to tackle every circumstance in the same manner.

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Emotional status for father

Father is someone whose place can’t be overtaken by anyone in our life, and a father has to go through lots of things to fulfill his child dreams. A father does lot of things which never comes to limelight, and we never credit these things which is quite bad. Emotional status for father makes our loving father feel happy and proud, he will feel proud on our maturity and understanding nature. When we insert these status on our stories or whatsapp, it is sure that our father is gonna to love it. Here we are giving some lovely emotional quotes which will make your day, here we go with the first heartful quotes on father.

I know papa, you have done plenty of things which I don’t think I will ever be able to give it back but one thing which I can promise to you is that I will love you more than anything else in my life.

Dad, you are so selfless that you never care about getting applause and appreciation, but I will applaud for you because you’re everything to me. I wish I could give it back to you because you deserve it.

Father is someone who is the most unsung, the unnoticed, uncredited person in our life, but their hidden selfless jobs make us feel grateful and teach us the values of life.

My dad is someone who taught me responsibility, accountability, flexibility and the importance of honesty. I promise you dad I will always be following the path set by you.

No relationship can be better than father and daughter. This can be proved and seen on the following day of the daughter’s wedding.

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Emotional status for mother

Unlike any other relation, companionship between mother and children is unmatchable. A mother loves her children as no one can do in this universe, this implies on even animals. Our mother do sacrifices, hard work and shows lots of patience to nourish us, she is so innocent but caring as well. So, why not to make her smile through some lovely heartful emotional quotes.

Somebody has rightly said that God can’t be everywhere that’s why he made mom to look after us. Mom I love you and will always be your proud son.

Mom, I have given you many sleepless nights, pain and you have tackled everything with smiling face. I promise you that I will never let you down and will always be with you.

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Mother’s love give us relief, peace of mind and much more priceless things. I hope I can deliver it back, I love you mom.

Do you know the only time your mother has laughed when you cried ? It was the time of your birth, you are the everything for your mother so never let her feel sad and alone. Love your mothers!

My mother is my almighty God, and I bow my head with huge respect in front of her. My mother has taught me the essence of respecting everyone, love you mom.


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