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Why don’t you put some of the best funny quotes for WhatsApp to make your friend and family full of jest and joy? This status can be in the form of quotes, images, and videos but mostly funny quotes are used. Funny quotes and jokes are kind of taunt on someone which makes everyone chill with its sense of humor.

In this era of hustle and bustle, everyone is so tensed due to their workload and other daily life stuff, they need some kind of funny and joky stuff to be happy and fine. Best funny WhatsApp status is the best choice to bring smiles on their face and make them happy. Won’t you wish to make everyone happy by just putting a status?  Believe us or not but this is gonna be a boon for you and everyone will be your admirer for sure. Start this holy deed of inserting funny status to get rid of tense and nerves.

Funny WhatsApp’s status in English is trending everywhere because of its humor and funny sense. These statuses sometimes give a huge understanding of life which we really don’t care about. You have got only one life so why are you pissing it with tension and stress, make it happy and delightful. 

New funny WhatsApp status is here to help you in being happy and cause of happiness for others. These one-liners give everyone joy and it lowers the strain from their busy disturbing life. If you can bring smiles on anyone’s face then what is the reason to be hesitant? 

We are here to assist you in getting laughter and hoax, in this post we are providing you top best funny WhatsApp status in English. In this article, we have got the best collection of funny statuses and jokes. All the jokes are new and full of jocosity to make you and your friends happy.

Best Funny Status And Jokes In English and Hindi


Single bells, single bells, single all the way.. oh what fun it is to see couples fight all day.

Pyaar kob Hota hai? job insaan ke pass karne ko much nahi hota

Khushi hai to bas iss baat ki ki mere dosto ko bhi utni lagi padi hai jitni meri.

 Shadi apni girlfriend se Karni sahie kyonki dusro ki girlfriend se to Ghar wale bhi karva date he.

 Don’t move because I just lost my brain.

 My ex texted me, ”delete my number” I replied to her ”who is this?’

 Pata Nahi kiss ladki ki kismat khulegi, jise mere jaaisa sareef ladka milega.

 I am not sad for being single. rather I m sad for the girl who is single because of me. bichari bhatak rahi hogi dar bador.

 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas and 7 billion people. Still, I m single.

Funny Status And Jokes In English and Hindi | Best Comedy status images

Funny status
Funny status


The girlfriend’s best friend plays a bitch in most of the relationships.

 Doctor: Patient ko Ek ghanta Pehle late to stayed bacha leta. Patient ka friend: Accicedent hi 10 mint Pehle Hua hai.

Zindagi main kabhi koi gaalti ho jaye toh darna maat. bas 2 mint apni ankhe band koro aur socha ki iska ilzam kiss par lagaya jaye.


 14 years old girl: I drink because I want to forget. What the hell do you want to forget, The multiplication table?

 Agar koi 10 baje uthe toh zaruri nahi ki woh alsi ho ho sakta hai uske sapne bade ho.


Your ex asking to be friends after breaking up like kidnappers asking to keep in touch after letting you go.

My life my rules, My gamla my pool you think you are cool? that’s your bhool you are a fool.

 Some people are still alive because I don’t want to go to jail.

AAP mere liye roz ek ghanta paidal cholo, main aapke liye loz chalunga: your heart

Battery 3% hai phir bhi bye bolne ko man nahi kar raha hai. Phone switch off hone tak beat karne ki soch rahe ho. Toh congrats tum successfully barbad ho chuke ho.


 I drink a little but when I do, I turn into another person, ” And that person drinks a lot.”

 The cute problem of my life: whenever I try to fall in love with books my phone proposed to me.

Best Funny Status And Jokes In English and Hindi:


 Mom: Kutte ki dum kabhi sidhi nahi ho sakti. Me: Ho sakti hai. Mom: Kaise? Me: Photoshop se. Mom: De chapal de chapal.


 Me: Your DP is awesome. She: Aww thank you. Me: Mujhe sikha degi aise hi photoshop krna. she: Blocked.

 Pharmacist to customer: Sir, please understand to buy an anti-depression pill you need a proper prescription. simply showing a marriage certificate and wife’s picture is not enough.

 She: doctor, koi dino se mere sar main boht dard ho raha hai. doctor: City scan karna padega. she: mere akli ke liye pure city ka scan kis liye doctor?

 Teacher: Ak taraf paisa aur dusre Taraf akkal, kiya select koroge ? me: Paisa. Teacher: galat, Mai akal sunti. Me: Jiski pass his chez ki komi hoti hai, Woh wahi chunta hai.

 I asked my heart: Why can’t I sleep at night? Heart replied: because you slept at the afternoon, don’t act like you’re in love.

 Ek ladka raat ko 2 baje doctor ko phone laagata hai. Ladka: doctor muje nind na aane ki bimari hai. doctor: To saale isay faila kyu raha hai. kam se kam mujhe to sune de.

 Aye god meri maut aane se 5 mint pehle muje bata dena. kyuki mobile format kiya bina mar gaya toh izzat ki watt lag jayegi.

 Baaki din ankhe nahi khulti aur chuti ke din itna jaldi uth jaata hu jaise akhbar bechne jaana ho.

 Har insan khoobsurat hota hai. koi dil se koi chehre se koi vivo oppo se.


She: What are you doing? me: Talking to a princess. She: Aww Me: Ok, I’ll text you later.

 Me: Kutton jaisi ho gayi hai zindagi. Dog: rehne de bhai main kam se kam bahar toh ghoom sakta hu.

 When I open my books. books: Ohh hoo bade log aaj yaha kaise.

Boy: I hate women. girl: aurten konsa tumhari pyar main apni nass kaat rahi hai.

Bestfriend: Single life is best. Me: tere paas koi aur raasta hai.

 someone: money can’t buy happiness. me: okay, transfer it to my account.

Funny Status And Jokes In English and Hindi | Best Comedy status

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