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Happy Baisakhi 2022: Vaisakhi is one of the most awaited festivals in north India, people from mainly Sikh community come together with great zeal and enthusiasm to celebrate this auspicious day. This is celebrated because it marks the first day of Hindi month Vaisakh ( also known as Baisakh). The celebration boundary of Vaisakhi is not limited only in Punjab or Haryana but it has broken the boundaries of geography. People from India, Pakistan, USA, Canada and more countries come together to celebrate this day. Vaisakhi is a festival that connects the communities because more people connect themselves with the concept of this very festival.

This very festival symbolizes the solar new year and therefore it is also known as the new year celebration. Vaishakhi is  a kind of festival which refresh the vibe and make people feel fresh and fine. Sikh communities across the globe celebrate this festival because this day marks the birth of Khalsa order by Guru Gobind Singh. Vaisakhi has an important connection with India’s freedom fight because the Jallianvala Bagh massacre took place on the day of Vaishakhi. Therefore, people pay tribute to the freedom fighters of Jallianvala Bagh, Amritsar. This festival has got several reasons to celebrate, henceforth the people celebrate this day by keeping relegion, community, region aside. Everyone should experience the kind of celebration people have on the Vaishakhi, therefore we are going to tell you everything about Vaishakhi.

happy baisakhi

There is much more things that you can know and understand about Vaisakhi, and henceforth today is motive of this blog will only to make you understand everything about Vaisakhi. In this article we are going to let you know everything about Vaishakhi, we will be telling you about Vaishakhi wishes, celebration date and much more. Vaisakhi is all about wishing your loved once Happy Vaishakhi therefore we will provide you with some of the best happy Vaisakhi wishes, Baisakhi quotes, and much more. If you want to get some of the best Vaisakhi quotes and happy Vaisakhi wishes then go through with this article, you will get what you need. Without wasting any more time, let’s get straight to our today’s topic.

Why do we celebrate Vaisakhi or Baisakhi?

The first and very obvious reason behind the celebration of Vaishakhi is that it is a way to pay gratitude to God for good crop because this is celebrated after ripening of rabi crop. People from North India make delicious food items with the new crop product and offer it to god. This is something which is the basic idea behind the celebration of Vaishakhi, people use to thank almighty for good crop and pray them to continue their grace on crop field. The second important cause behind the celebration of Vaishakhi is that it is based on the Vikram Samvat calendar, because the baisakhi day marks the new day and new year. Everyone come together to pray God for bright and happening year ahead, people wish for their upcoming dreams with god.

Happy Vaisakhi wishes

Significance of Vaishakhi in different regions

As we have previously told you that Vaishakhi is celebrated across the globe especially in Indian subcontinent and western countries where Indian communities live. The concept of Vaishakhi is very similar to the Bohag (Rongali) Bihu in Assam and Pohela Boishakh in Bengal. This is the same duration during which Marathi people celebrate Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra. The crops are harvested by then and ready to sell, therefore people celebrate it by organising small fair and Pooja. The way of celebration is different in different regions but the idea behind every celebration during this interval is very much similar.

Hindus near the Himalayan river belt believe that the goddess Ganga descended on earth from heaven on the day of Vaishakhi. Therefore people go and take dip in Ganga river to wipe out their sins. More than 5 million people take bath only near Brahmkunda in Haridwar. In Panjab, Sankirtan is held everywhere to remember Waheguru and special gathering is held everywhere near Thakurdwara of Bhagwan Narainji in Gurdaspur. People from undivided Panjab in Pakistan and Nepal also actively participate in the celebration of Vaishakhi. Indian natives living in USA, Canada and UK are also very interested in celebrating this occasion.

Vaisakhi date 2022

The Date of Vaishakhi is generally fixed on two to three days and i.e 13th, 14th and 15th of April, this is fixed for this particular century because of solar movement. This year in 2022, it is going to happen on 14th of April. The solar new year festival is going to be crazy, so prep yourself for the celebrations.

Happy Vaisakhi wishes and quotes

Happy Vaisakhi wishes and quotes

Searching for the best Baisakhi wishes and quotes? We have got the deal you need, we are providing some of the best Baisakhi wishes which can literally fulfill your desire. Everyone want to get Vaisakhi wishes in panjabi, Baisakhi wishes in hindi, baisakhi wishes in english, so we are going to give exactly what you want. Vaisakhi wishes become more important when you wanna wish someone who is not there with you at the time of celebration. You can simply put these vaisakhi wishes on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook stories or you can personally send someone through messages. Here we go with Vaishakhi wishes in english;

Baisakhi wishes in English

May waheguru bless you with endless happiness, prosperity, health, and much more things you want in your life. Just be the way you’re, you will always be the best. Love you a lot and wishing you a very happy Vaisakhi.

Sending you Vaisakhi wishes from the inner core of my heart, may almighty provide everything you’ve wished for. You are an inspiration to a generation like us, love you and very happy vaisakhi to all of you out there.

Appreciating your efforts of making me wish happy vaisakhi, I wish i could do the same. But, a very colourful and charming Vaisakhi wishes to you and your family. Love you till the end of eternity. Happy Vaisakhi!

The commencement of happiness starts with Vaisakhi, now no more sad faces and tear it’s only time to cheer. Let’s celebrate the Vaisakhi, let magic of prosperity spread everywhere.

May this baisakhi you glow brighter than  before, may this baisakhi you get more than you have dreamt for. May everything come in advance on your way, happy baisakhi and lots of lovely wishes.

This is the day to remember the importance and significance of Khalsa, this is the day to celebrate birth of Khalsa. This is the reminder to stand up high, speak up more, unite for justice and much more. Happy Vaisakhi!

I wish you a very colorful and delightful Vaisakhi, may this new beginning lights up your world and your crave for success increase exponentially. Just work hard and be persistent with your dreams. Happy Vaisakhi!

May Waheguru shower an endless amount of love, health, happiness and prosperity in your life. Mau you be resilient with your endeavors of success, more power to you. Happy Vaisakhi!

May your journey become hot as son, cool as water, sweet as honey and prosperous like kuber. May you get everything, no matter what the circumstances are in your life. Happy Vaisakhi to you!

Baisakhi wishes in English

Happy Vaisakhi Wishes in Hindi

Waheguru aapki Murad kare poori,
Aapki koi fariyad na ho adhuri,
Aapki har tamanna ho maangane se pahle Puri,
Aapko baisakhi ki lakh lakh badhaiyan!

Khalsa ki janmdivas ki hardik badhai,
Jivan me aapke na ho koi kathinaai,
Shakti aur samrath ho aapme poori,
Vaisakhi ki bahut bahut mubarakbaad.
Happy baisakhi to all your family members!

Khet ki vo khushboo badi yaad aati hai,
Mitti ki sunahri mahak bhuli na jaati hai,
Khalihan ki vo mithi mithi yaade,
Nahi bhulenge ham, nahi bhulenge ham
Happy baisakhi to all of you out there.

Tussi haste ho to ham bhi has jaate hai,
Tussi rote ho to ham bhi ro jate hain,
Bas ek tamanna hai aapse ki aap sada muskurate rahe,
Rab se ek hi dua hai ki aap sadaiv khilakhilaate rahe.
Happy and prosperous baisakhi to all of you.

Baisakhi ki ye suruvat hame kuchh naya seekh deti hai,
Saal ki ye suruvat hame aage badhne ko kahti hai,
Aaiye milkar ek sankalp le ki buraiyon ko tyag kar ham aage hi badhenge.
Happy Vaisakhi to all of you….

Happy Vaisakhi 2022

Happy Vaisakhi 2022: wishes, quotes, and messages

Baisakhi is nothing but a wake-up call for everyone to start a refreshing year by letting every regret behind in the life. Happy Vaisakhi to all of you.

The fragrance and freshness of Baisakhi is so charming that it makes our life joyful and delightful. May this year be full of plan and action, happy Baisakhi to you.

Keep smiling, keep shining but never get disappointed with small hurdles in between the journey. May this year be as beautiful as you are, happy Vaisakhi to you.

The journey should be continued like crazy because you have that zeal and crazy ness in you which can give you immense success and growth. I wish Waheguru provide you with the strength, power and resilience to work harder. Happy Vaisakhi!

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