Awesome Happy Belated Birthday Wishes And Images

Awesome Happy Belated Birthday Wishes And Images: The birthday occasion is a very special and golden moment in the life of any person. Many people wait for their own or their loved one’s birthday months in advance. A birthday inspires us to make a new beginning by forgetting the old suffering. Birthday teaches us that there is light in front of darkness and behind every waning sun there is also a rising sun.

People make birthdays special around us, people’s blessings and love makes us happy birthday. On the birthday, lots of love and blessings are given with Happy Birthday messages. It can be quite disturbing if we forget to wish our loved ones on the occasion of their birthday. Some people even get angry on not getting a birthday wish on time. In case, if you have also forgotten to wish someone’s birthday, then you can make them happy with happy belated birthday wishes and images.

If you also want to wish someone a happy belated birthday, then read this post completely. In upcoming para, we will be giving you best happy belated birthday greetings and images.

Happy Belated Birthday

What is meaning of happy belated birthday?

Whenever we forget the birthday of our friends or family member, we wish them late, if we are giving birthday wishes to someone after the birthday has passed, then it is called happy belated birthday.

This is slightly different from the wish of a normal happy birthday because its timing brings some changes to it. Happy belated birthday is said in such a way that the person in front does not resent for not wishing the birthday on time. In such a birthday wish, along with the wishing, the apology is involved somewhere.

Is belated before or after?

A lot of people gets confused in word “belated”, people don’t understand the meaning of word belated and made some silly conception out of it. Belated clearly means ‘after’ which mean if you forgot wishing somebody Happy Birthday then you say happy belated birthday.

Belated is made of two words be+lated which depicts being late, that is why when we wish someone late happy birthday then it becomes happy belated birthday. Some people understand it opposite the way it means and wish their friends and family by saying happy belated birthday in advance. So never use belated birthday wishes in advance.

Can I say happy belated birthday?

Of course you can, it is meant and made for that purpose. Some people got hesitated in saying happy belated birthday because they think it does not mean anything. But seriously it means a lot, it shows how important is that person in your life.

It should be said in such a way that it clears out any sort of compunction and remorse from subconscious mind of birthday person. It is not possible for us to remember birthday date of everyone even in our family because we are so stuck in our daily life. So one should understand it as well, we should not found ourselves miserable or pained when somebody forgot our birthday.

Happy Belated Birthday

How do you apologise for happy belated birthday?

In case you forgot to wish somebody happy birthday on time, then it certainly needs apology from your side. Birthday greetings should be given on time but it is not possible to wish everyone on time. Your belated birthday wish should be mixed with apology so that person do not get hurt. You can personally call or video chat with the guy to spend some quality time, believe us or not but it will help you in getting out of remorse.

You should be apologetic in your belated birthday greetings, you can confess your point of view for not being able to wish on time. You can do this by talking him on call. The best way to being apologetic for not giving greetings on time is to make public apology on your social media with belated happy birthday messages. You can add some humour and fun as well in you social media apology.

How do you wish someone a happy belated birthday?

Happy belated birthday quotes should be delivered on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, whatsapp or Instagram. You can add photos of birthday person with belated happy birthday wishe as caption. The best way in today’s time is to insert WhatsApp status for belated birthday greetings. On whatsapp lot of your contact list would be familiar with birthday boy or girl, so they also get to know from your status.

Happy belated birthday wishes should be specific in terms of its delivery, if you too wanna wish your friend or family happy belated birthday then we are providing you here with best belated birthday quotes. We have got some lovely lines for you to wish belated birthday. Here we go with best happy belated birthday wishes.

Happy belated birthday quotes and messages

I wish you happy belated birthday from the innermost core of my heart. I never wish I would have to use belated but I feel apologetic. But you live in my heart buddy. Happy Birthday man. Cheers!

I feel sorry that I could not remember your birthday date but I feel you had great time on your birthday. Hope you have had lot of fun and chill. Happy belated birthday to the most wonderful person I ever know in my life.

Belated birthday greetings to you, hope you enjoyed your day. I will be there with you soon. Happy belated birthday, May this year brings lot of fun and colour in your life. May you get everything what you have thought of. Happy birthday man. Cheers with joy!


Happy belated birthday to the person who always brings happiness in everyone’s face around with his humour and sense. I feel shameful that I couldn’t even wish you on time but you know what you are for me. Happy Birthday once again. Have a lovely year ahead.

Accept my belated birthday greetings with apology as well. I could not wish you with some circumstances which you better know. But genuinely, from depth of my heart I wish you happy and charming year ahead. May you go on pinnacle of glory and success. Happy belated birthday man.

With my sincere apology I wish you happy belated birthday. Hope you had lovely day with your loved ones. I wish you many more success and prosperity in your life. Go further and keep it up. Happy belated birthday greetings to you.

I feel it was tough to bear for you that I forgot your birthday. I wanted to be their but I was busy with schedule. Anyway, it was your special day, I wish you enjoyed it. In few days I will be there for you. Happy belated birthday to the best soul I have ever seen.

Wanna say sorry for letting your birthday go this way and I couldn’t come but you know that I will always be there for you at any circumstance of your life. Happy belated birthday man! We will have fun very soon.

Belated birthday SMS to the most handsome and wonderful soul of this universe. You are more than special in my life. I always wish for your bright and beautiful career. Happy belated birthday buddy. Cheers!

Happy belated birthday images

Images depicts lot of things in lesser amount of time. Here we are providing you with some love happy belated birthday images. Here we go

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