50+Best Happy Birthday Wishes, Images And Quotes

What is the importance of a Happy birthday?

If this question ever arises in your mind that why do we celebrate a Happy birthday and what is the importance of birthday greetings, then it is absolutely a legitimate question. Usually, on the day of birth, we wish a person a happy birthday and pray for his long life. Cake is also cut on the day of birth.

Many reasons have been given in history to celebrate the birthday, but for ordinary human beings, it only means that the human being should be made aware that life is precious. We are so busy in our lives that we do not know the true meaning of our life and ignore the importance of our life. Birthday reminds us that our life is very valuable and precious. So respect your life and respect yourself.

History: why do we celebrate Happy birthday?

Happy birthday

Well the earliest record of birthday celebrations fall back to 3000 BC in Egypt. The birthday celebration is started when for the first time Egypt’s King was crowned, people of Egypt celebrated as the rebirth of God by giving parties to each other. Later on, Greek people also joined the row and for the first time they made moon shape cake to celebrate their birthday. One interesting fact is that a candle was lighted for the first time in Greece as a form of moon radiance. Since then we are following the tradition of lighting candles and cutting the cake.

Since then the population is grown exponentially. In 3000 BC the population of the world was 14 million and today we are 7.5 billion but the celebration of birthdays is still going on.

Why Happy birthday to you song is too famous?

“Happy birthday to you” is one of the most prevalent song all over the world. The song has been composed in almost 20 song.  The tune was initially originated from a kinder melody song called “Good morning”. The Happy Birthday song was written by two American sisters.

How to celebrate birthdays?

Birthday is the best day for any human being. He should celebrate it as a festival too. Today we see that people celebrate their birthday anniversary with friends and family.  People use to cut the cake by extinguishing candles. These are the normal way to celebrate birthdays but we are going to make you understand the most profound way of birthday celebration. People wish their loved once by saying Happy birthday etc. On this day everyone search for Happy birthday wishes and friends use to search on the browser about birthday wishes to a best friend.

Happy birthday

Some to-do list on birthday

1. Wake up early and remember Almighty God

Usually, people like to sleep till late, but it is believed that on the day of birth, we should wake up before sunrise and after taking bath, we should meditate on our patriarchy. It is believed that you will behave in the same way throughout the year the way you behave on day of your birthday. On the birthday, we should also pray to God for our life by going to the temple, mosque or church.

2. Fix a goal for your upcoming year

We know that human life is precious. One should always try to improve that life. Your birthday is a common day for people. But it is very special for you, like new year. You know how you spent your life last year. The coming years are the days of thinking how we proceed in every area of ​​our life. To go ahead, abandon the fortifications.

It is a day to pledge to move forward with virtues. It is a day to leave our bad habits. It is a day to move forward in life with some goals.

3. Donate something to needy

If the donation is for any needy, then it is not less than a gift. Donate to a poor, destitute or someone orphanage. You can donate in the form of money, food, clothes, food and blood also to needy. The scriptures say, donating brings virtue and the gods are pleased. Donating makes our mood very positive.

Happy birthday

4. Plant at least one tree and take care of it

This is a great suggestion. Every birthday we should plant a tree named after us. Whenever we see him, we will remember this work done on our anniversary day. We will always be thankful to ourselves that we have done something good for the people of our society, this feeling always remains in our minds. Other people can also do this by looking at you.

What should not be done on your birthday?

  1. Do not do any work that you have to regret for the whole year.
  2. It is said that hair and nails should not be cut on birthdays.
  3. Try to spend the birthday well. Do not insult anyone.
  4. Do not eat non-vegetarian food in which an organism is killed.
  5. Do not follow Western culture to celebrate birthdays. Extinguishing candles, cutting down the name on the cake is in opposition to Indian culture.
  6. Our culture is not to extinguish candles but to light a lamp and it is not to spread darkness but to spread light.


How to celebrate children’s birthdays?

Birthday is considered most important for children, children start reverse counting down their birthday months in advance. Birthday is special for children because on thia day they get lots of gifts and love. On the birthday, everyone tries to make the children happy and cannot see them sad even for a single moment.

On the day of the birthday of the children, we should make the children feel special, all the family members should give them Happy Birthday wishes. The children should be blessed by everyone and if possible, they should also be taken to the religious place. In the evening, celebrate the birthday of the child by cutting the cake and give him the gift of his need. Tell the child inspiring stories on the occasion of birthday and give him lots of blessings and love to move forward in life.

Happy birthday
Happy birthday

Happy Birthday wishes and messages

Everyone receives or gives birthday wishes. If you also want some best happy birthday wishes then you can take the following birthday messages.

Wish you a happy birthday from the depths of my heart! May God make your year full of success and you attain new heights.

I wish you millions of birthday greetings and pray to God to keep you happy and prosperous. Happy birthday, cheers!

Happy Birthday to the most special person of my life! You fill joy and smile on everyone’s face with your best sense of humor! Happy Birthday, man!

May God make you reach at the pinnacle of success and your life be full of happiness and enthusiasm. May God give you long life and good health. Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday

How to make birthday special?

The birthday comes each year and we are excited for our birthday throughout the year. If you want to make your birthday special and memorable, then you need to do something special on your birthday.

On the day of the birthday you can make sure that you will not hurt anyone throughout the day or throughout your life. You can make a habit of loving the little ones and giving respect to elders.

We should seek blessings by touching feet from our elders on the day of our birthday. Believe us or not, it’s like satisfying your soul.

On the occasion of birthday, you can offer food to at least 10 people who desperately need it, you can also donate blood. Blood donation is considered to be an act of great virtue by which you can protect someone’s life.

To make the birthday special, you can motivate people to protect the environment in your colony or locality. If you wish, you can also do plantation on the big or small level on the day of your birthday.

Happy birthday

What does birthday mean?

Many people consider birthdays to be wasteful and an act of extra expenses, but birthdays have their own meaning. Birthdays force us to make a new beginning. Birthday teaches us that we should forget our old pasts and start afresh.

On the birthday, we are blessed with a lot of love, which is very important for moving ahead in life. A person reaches the pinnacle of success because of his/her hard work as well as the blessings of the people.

We should consider the birthday as the new beginning of life and try to make progress in life. Spread love around and be happy.



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