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Happy Hug Day 2021: One of the most significant days of valentine’s week is Hug day, which is about to come in few weeks. It is the most awaited and loved moment for a lot of couples and partners, on this day couple got to hug each other. Hug day is meant to show your extra caring and complementing nature to your partner, it kind of makes your partner comfortable in case you are starting a relationship.

There are a lot more things which you can do on this Hug day to make your day successful, Hug day is not all about hugging your partner and simply wishing Happy Hug day. One can do a lot of things like offering gifts or chocolate, Shayari, and much more fun. These things sometimes seem to be a dummy or worthless but they are really effective. It strengthens the bonding and feelings of loving partners.

So, to make your valentine happy and worthy, we have got some beautiful ideas for you to make your Hug day impactful and memorable. In this post, we are going to give you happy hug day quotes, hug day Shayari, hug day images,¬†and many more. Without any delay let’s get straight to the significance of this day.


Happy hug day

Significance of Hug day 2021

Hug day is celebrated every year to make your valentine feel special, this day has got great significance for newbies who are about to be coupled. On this very day, girlfriend and boyfriend give a tight or normal hug to each other, the tightness of the hug depends on the maturity of their relationship. Usually, they hug by gifting some presents or chocolates, a lot of people also say shayri to their partner to make it a memorable event of their life.

Hug day is celebrated just one day prior to Kiss day, henceforth it becomes more important because kissing your partner needs a lot of guts and courage. Hugging gives your partner comfort and a relaxed mood so that you can celebrate your Kiss day. Hug day is much more important for those who are about to be in a serious relationship, if you are allowed to hug your partner then it means your relationship is mature enough to make your way further.

As its name depicts the things couples do on this day, Hugging is an emotion that charges your partner to be comfortable and relaxed with you. It makes your partner feel less depressed and lonely with you, therefore to start companionship with your partner one should hug on this day.

Happy Hug Day

Hug day date 2021?

It is known to everyone that Hug day is celebrated 2 days prior to valentine’s day. As we know well that Valentine’s day lies on the 14th of Feb, therefore, Hug day will be celebrated on the 12th of February. This year Hug day is gonna happen on weekends i.e Friday, so make it an even more memorable event.

Why do we celebrate Hug day?

It is one of the most important days of valentine’s week and is celebrated with great pomp and grandeur. A hug can take away lot of stress and anxiety from a person’s heart, and as per science, it gives us instant happiness. It is an emotional charge system that strengthens the immune system of a person. It makes you closer and closer to your loved one in the relationship, and therefore it is so important.

The bitterness of a relationship can be filled with a tight hug and it has the power to take away the strain. It is celebrated every year just to make you comfortable with your partner and gives you the chance to come closer. Hug in a relationship is usual and it can truly lift up our mood and gesture.


Happy Hug Day

Happy Hug day quotes and Hug day Shayari?

Hugging someone might be a sweet and simple gesture, but when I hug you it gives me immense pleasure. So my baby, I wish you a Happy Hug day with this tight hug.

I have got a shoulder to lean on, and it’s of yours. I’m desperate to hug you, plz make my day. Happy Hug day hubby!

Do you know what I like most about you? The warmth of hugging you gives me joy which I can’t even describe in words. Happy Hug Day to my darling!

I wish you a happy Hug day from bottom of my heart, I am giving you the warmest and happiest hug from my side, accept it to make my way smooth. Happy Hug day once again.

Just can’t wait for more to hold you in my arms, sending you the virtual but genuine hug from my side. Keep it and give me back as well. Happy Hug day gorgeous!

The vibration of your heart gives me the feeling of genuine connection with you, and I wanna keep it for ages to come. Wish you a very happy Hug day from my side.

Sometimes hug say more than words, so let’s have a proper hug. I wish you a Happy Hug day. Your hug instills peace and calmness in my mind. Happy Hug day!

A normal hug with you take away all my stress and strain, I wish you a very warm Hug day. Happy Hug Day to my sweetheart!

Happy Hug day images and pics

Are you at an unreachable distance with your loved one? If you are not close enough to give your loved one a physical hug, you can wish your partner some lovely pictures. Here we are going to give you some of the best photos of Hug day. Here we go

Happy Hug Day


Happy Hug Day


Happy Hug Day

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