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Expressing your feeling for someone is not an easy task, it requires a lot of guts and strength but revealing heart feelings is also important. Loving someone is not enough but one should express their heart tell to eradicate misunderstandings in a relationship. Propose day is celebrated every year on the 2nd day of valentine week, this date is made to express your love to someone who matters for you.

If you have been waiting to pour out your feelings then the right time is proposed day 2021, this day is only made for that and there are a variety of ways to express yourself. The heart should not be allowed to hide things for the long term, you must feel free by manifesting your emotions.

If you are dating or even liking someone, you must take a stand at a point of time otherwise things change in the wrong perspective. If you are waiting longer to propose to someone and built a relationship then this Valentine, go for it. In this post, we are gonna provide you propose day quotes, propose day images, propose day Shayari, and many more to patch up your relationship.

Significance of the proposed day

As the name suggests, propose day is there to build long-lasting relationships by expressing yourself to your loved one. This day is considered the most important day of valentine’s week, especially for new couples. On this day lot of newbies got the guts to evolve themselves whatever they feel, a lot of patch up and heart is broken on this very day. The vitality of this day is more because acceptance of the proposal is considered the commencement of a relationship, this day wipes all the myths and misunderstandings.


propose day

Patch up and breaking of hurts both things happen at the same time, one should be ready for accepting the truth and move further in life. Patience and wait of couples get over on this day because they get an answer on this day. Valentine’s week is almost incomplete without propose day, a lot of lovers propose to their loved ones and get the answer.

The right time to propose your partner

Are you waiting for the perfect time to propose to your partner and built a true relationship? One should be extra possessive about choosing the right time for offering a proposal. Circumstances should be neat and clean and comfortable for both of them otherwise things might change the way you never expected. When you get the maturity or understanding that now relationship can go beyond than only you should propose your partner.

Girls are considered a little shy in offering proposal therefore boys got the duty of proposing first, hence boys must be very careful. Now the question arises that what is the right time for offering a proposal, so the answer is not a one-liner. Firstly, you should spend some quality time with your loved one and clarify that your partner likes you and your company. You should also point out that how is the persona and behavior of your partner and how he/she reacts on critical situations.

propose day


Know each other from every perspective so that you never regret once you are together forever. Knowing does not mean that you judge someone, it simply means knowing the heart and human being. You should not make the presumption of any incident, once you know and understand each other’s feelings you can go for it. When you feel that your partner respects you and your emotions as well, then don’t late to propose. Sometimes time passes in knowing and testing therefore don’t be so late. Below we are providing you the way to propose your partner.

How to propose on propose day 2021

Proposing your life partner is not an easy task, but it should be done in a manner to avoid miss happenings. There are a variety of ways by which you can propose a girl or a boy but before going to offer your proposal you must take care of some important things. You must know the likes and dislikes of your partner, whether your partner likes the public display of your love or he/she wants to keep it private. A sometimes creative and innovative way of proposing your partner turns into the wrong one, it can make your partner hurt that’s why I pri plan the strategy proposing your partner.

The day you decide to propose to your partner, you must know what your partner likes most and what he/she hates about. You should do activities that your partner prefers most, you can make him/her feel special by giving some special gifts. The point you feel that your partner is comfortable and happy with you, you can propose but you should know whether your partner feels the same or not.

propose day

You can propose to your partner by giving him/her beautiful gifts, gifting gives you the extra potential to express yourself more freely. There are lots of happy propose day quotes and propose day images that you can use to propose your partner. These little things add flavor to your proposal, you can kneel down and deliver a beautiful Shayari to your loved one. Kneeling down is an old but gold way which is still prevalent and mostly used by newbies.

Happy propose day quotes and messages

Happy propose day is almost incomplete without propose day quotes and proposing your partner with propose day SMS makes it memorable forever. To help you in getting the best propose day wishes, we have come up with the best propose day messages and here we go-;

Propose day quotes for boyfriend/husband

Hi Gentle, will you be my valentine forever! I love you more than anything else in my life. Happy propose day!

You are a perfect man to be my life partner forever, I wish I met you much before we met. I propose to you my heart. Happy proposal day to you!

You understand me and respect my feelings and I want this for the rest of my life. Will you marry me to make my heart feel proud? Happy proposal day man!

It is almost impossible for me to think of my life without you, you have filled the empty ness and void from my life. I propose to you my heart. Happy propose day.

Will you be my valentine to hold my hand for the rest of my life? You are the perfect partner that I have thought of getting. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Promise me that you will never go away from my life! I propose you to give me your loved company for my Life. Please accept my loving proposal.

Propose day quotes for girlfriend or wife

I can’t even imagine a perfect partner than you. You understand me, respect me and most importantly love me from bottom of your heart. I also love you from the core of my heart and will always love you. I propose to you on this Valentine. Will you be my sweet Valentine? Happy propose day to my angel.

propose day

Hi gorgeous, you are a beautiful creation and I love you. Happy propose day and happy valentine’s day as well!

With all my guts, I want to propose to you because you are my lady luck and a little charm. I can’t stand without you. Happy propose day to the most beautiful person I know.

Happy propose day to my queen! Please accept my proposal to belong to a racehorse. I love you and will always! Happy propose day once again.

I am not very good at poetry and Shayari so simply happy propose day! Please be my partner forever!

Propose day images 2021

Proposing a girl can be done virtually, you can send some quality to propose day pics to impress your loved one. We have got some best proposed day images to make your day. Here we go -;

propose day


propose day


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