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Valentine’s Day festival is made to express love. This is nothing short of a boon for any loving girlfriend. Valentine de Celebration starts from the second week of February. This celebration is perfectly appropriate to keep love alive and immortal because, on this day, love is exaggerated openly. Valentine’s day is celebrated on 14 February, although this day is not a public holiday, yet people celebrate it with great pomp.

Hearing the name of Valentine’s Day, the heartbeat of the youth increases and the atmosphere becomes pleasant. All loving couples and husbands wait only for Valentine’s Week. They start planning for this months in advance. The brightness of the market increases as the month of February comes to closure and the purchase of gifts also starts increasing.

Valentine's Day

In this post, we are gonna provide you Happy Valentine’s day wishes, quotes, messages, and happy valentine’s day images to celebrate this Valentine. If you are searching for valentine’s day gift ideas, then you have landed on the right post. So let’s get to know more about happy valentine’s day 2021.

The history behind the celebration of Valentine’s day

It is said that Valentine’s Day is named after Saint Valentine, a pastor of Rome. In fact, in the third century, a king named Claudius ruled the Roman Empire. Claudius believed that marriage is the reason for the destruction of human will power and dedication to doing something for the State.

Because of this thinking, he issued an order in the entire state that no soldier or officer would marry in his state. But Saint Valentine protested strongly to this order of Claudius and inspired people all over the state to marry. Saint Valentine got many soldiers and officers married in Rome.

When news of this reached the king, he got very angry. Seeing the opposition of his order, Claudius ordered the capture of Saint Valentin. After this, he was arrested and hanged on February 14, 269 at the behest of the king. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated in his memory.

How do couples celebrate Valentine’s week: Valentine week 2021

On Valentine’s Day, different days of the week are celebrated in different ways. On 7 February, rose flowers are presented to each other on Rose Day. On February 8, his love is expressed on Propose Day. On February 9, the lovers celebrate Chocolate Day by giving chocolate to each other. Then comes the turn of Teddy Day, in which teddy bear or similar soft toys are given as gifts.

On Promise Day on February 11, love vows are made, and promises are made to follow each other. Now after all this, a hag is formed. That is why Hag Day is celebrated on 12 February, and on the next day i.e. on 13 February, which day. And lastly, the day of 14 February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

  • Rose Day: 7 February, Sunday
  • Propose Day: February 8, Monday
  • Chocolate Day: February 9, Tuesday
  • Teddy Day: 10 February, Wednesday
  • Promise Day: February 11, Thursday
  • Hug Day: February 12, Friday
  • Kiss Day: February 13, Saturday
  • Valentine’s Day: February 14, Sunday

Significance of Valentine’s day 2021

Valentine’s Day gives everyone a chance to strengthen their relationship of love as well as to increase the reputation of love. It is believed that even a small distance in any relationship strengthens the bond of love, although it is a great work to deepen your love even after being together. Valentine’s Day is truly a great celebration that can truly make everyone’s heart grow fonder.

It brings happiness and strength in every relationship. It is a special celebration that makes the relationship between each one new and strong. Many types of attractive, cute, and beautiful greeting cards are given to each other. So this Valentine makes your valentine more beautiful.

Valentine day wishes 2021

Valentine’s day is incomplete and can not be assumed without Valentine’s day wishes valentine’s day quotes. Valentine’s day messages are sent to each other for an aspiring long-lasting relationship without any big hurdle. With these wishes, couples make sure to be together in every sweet and sour moment of life. Here are some lovely wishes to wish your valentine.

Valentine’s day wishing for a boyfriend

I feel so blessed to have you in my life, You are a kind of person to whom I always wish to look up. Happy valentine’s day.

No one in this universe can grab your place from my heart. I wish you a very happy valentine’s day and wish to see many more together. Valentine’s day cheers.

Valentine’s day are much smaller than our love, I hope our love will go beyond the values of Valentine. You are the perfect and most complete man I have ever seen. Happy valentine’s day my buddy.

Thank you for all the love and happiness you have given to me, I am lucky to be your charming girl. Happy valentine’s day to my baby. Love you forever.

Happy valentine’s day to the most beautiful person I have ever seen and known. I hope our relationship will set a paradigm for many people to follow and furnish. Happy valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day wishes for girlfriend

You are not just my girlfriend baby, you are my mentor and guideline to whom I follow blindly. Happy valentine’s day.

I love you more than anything in my life, you are my wonder girl and dream girl too. I wish you a very charming valentine’s day. Cheers, and enjoy the day.

You are the lady luck who completely changed my life and approach towards life. I feel blessed and fortunate to get in touch with you. Happy valentine’s day.

On this valentines, let’s pledge to follow Saint Valentin and his belief. We hope for the many more years to celebrate together. A very colorful valentine’s day to you.

Valentine day gift ideas: Happy valentines day 2021

Valentine’s day gift idea for women


As such, the era of analog clocks is over now. But in most people’s hands, you will get to see a smartwatch or smart band. You can also gift a smartwatch or smart band to your wife or friend on Valentine’s Day.

Mobile Phone Cover

You can also gift a beautiful colored or crystal mobile cover to this female partner. You will easily find different styles of mobile covers in the market.

Bluetooth speaker

You can also gift a Bluetooth speaker to your wife or special friend on Valentine’s Day. You can buy Bluetooth speaker easily through online shopping or from the market.

Mug or Coffee Cup

On Valentine’s Day, you can win hearts by gifting a coffee mug to your female partner. If you want, you can also get a message or your photo on the coffee mug.

Valentine day gift ideas for men

Chocolate hamper

Chocolate is one of the best gift ideas on Valentine’s Day. The special thing is that instead of giving bouquets with flowers, you can also give chocolate bouquets to your partner. If you want, you can make chocolate bouquets according to your partner’s choice.

Photo inside Frame

You can also gift a photo frame to your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can choose your favorite photos to insert in the frame which will make it memorable and long-lasting.


A scrapbook gift can be a good option for a partner on Valentine’s Day. You get your photos printed, and paste them on an album. To make it more interesting, you can also write love lines below the photo.

Cake bouquet

Take your partner with a bouquet of cakes and flowers to make Valentine’s Day special at 12 o’clock in the night or whatever time is right for you and them.

Happy valentine’s day 2021 images: Valentine’s day images

Valentine's day

Valentine's day


Valentine's day


Valentine's day


Valentine's day


Valentine's day


Valentine's day

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