50+ Best Heartbroken Status Quotes

50+ Best Heartbroken Status Quotes: Have you ever felt heartbroken? The most devastating feeling comes to a person’s life when they go through breakups or betrayal. A broken heart needs a special kind of pampering and healing to cure the very same problem, it is not so easy to get out of these phases of life. Each and every single individual of this universe has gone through this phase at some point of time in their life.

This is something that you can not avoid even if you wish to, you will have to face it. There are so many people going through this very pathetic situation in their lives, so one can not predict that it wouldn’t happen to them. It is very natural and organic and anyone can go through this phase, so you can’t avoid but you can get rid of it.

When we think of a broken heart, our mind instantly pushes us to think about a girlfriend boyfriend, or husband-wife relationship. But this isn’t the case always, lot of people feel broken when they go through any kind of betrayal or backstabbing in their daily lives. If we talk specifically about relationships, it is not always about the couples, in any relationship, one can feel betrayed or devastated.

We must remember one thing in our lives our heart is the most delicate, therefore we should never let our emotions control our liking or disliking especially in relationships. We must take some extra time to make someone our companion, never ever believe someone easily.

If you are browsing for something which can heal your broken heart then you have landed on the best page. We have got some of the best-broken heart statuses in English which are deeply meaningful and helpful. This status will make you understand the true value of one’s life and you will get worthy lessons. Heartbroken status in English are so helpful that it can change your approach toward life. You can get the new perspective of each and every creation of this universe, and you will be completely different individual. When you get to understand the values of life then you find these broken heart phase very pity and small. Here are some wonderfully curated heartbroken status in English,

If you’re going through the phase where everything seems to be end and worthless then this paragraph is worth reading. Life is too short to understand it’s values and worth, whenever you feel like done just get yourself closer to some perfectly written deep meaningful lines, you will get out of it very soon. Happiness-sadness, dull-bright is the phase of life which every single individual face, and if you’re facing the same just use this time to come out more stronger and better version of yourself. If you have got broken terribly then you should read following lines, but do not only read but try to adhere the same;

Heartbroken Status

Heart can never ever become practical and unbreakable until it is broken once, therefore it becomes mandatory for oneself to understand the perspective of life.

When you get tears in your broken heart phase, people might seek advantage of it, therefore come out stronger with a wacky smiles on your face to show the world that you are strong individual.

Do broken heart hurt you? It might be hurting you but isn’t it giving you the best life lesson to never believe someone casually? Just make this atrocity a opportunity to become better version of yourself. Trust me, you will be amazing.

Broken heart with tears are supposed to be the best gift one can ever ask in a dull and pathetic relationship. It just make you understand the true face of your partner, so don’t blame it. Just be stronger and wiser.

If you and your heart are broken in a literal sense then never make apologies the remedy to fix it. Otherwise, you will have to be ready for many more such pathetic and similar events in the future. One time is enough to analyze someone and move on the right way.

Breakups are not a bad thing it sometimes gives you the opportunity to find your perfect loving partner because life is too long to live in a vicious relationship.

Arguments, dissent and hassles are the part of a relationship but one must set the boundary of violation. If the violation of limit happens quite often then you should know that you are not in the good company.

Don’t let go small-small things in a relationship because you can face a major problem out of it. Just fix it immediately if it happens, otherwise, you will be left with nothing but a broken heart.

Vicious and toxic relationships are something that can make you the worst version of yourself, therefore just be very intellectual in staying or leaving. One must adhere to the basic norms of the relationship otherwise everything will be worthless.

sad Heartbroken Status

Sad broken heart quotes

Whenever someone go through breakups or betrayal it is very natural to feel sad about it. Each and every single person feel genuine sorrow whenever they go through this kind of phase. if you have to make someone realise their wrongs then you can execute these wonderfully written broken heart status.

You can insert these thoughts on your social media sites just to make someone understand what they have done wrong. It is better way of communication because it is not one-to-one and therefore people get time to think of their faults and henceforth everything can be sorted. You can sarcastically use these quotes to convey your current feeling about the crisis you’re going through. Here we got the best lines for you about sad status in English;

I just find myself unable to understand how people fake their relationships and take everything for granted without even realising the feeling of another person. Whereas I can’t even fake a bloody hellow to someone, I don’t feel like talking.

Whenever you’re involved in a bad relationship the worst regret after breakups is that you realise that you have wasted the golden duration of your life. Therefore just get rid of it as soon as possible.

I am surrounded by many problems in my life but my lips never tend to explain the ongoing feeling. My lips always gives the smile as if everything is sorted.

Sad broken heart quotes

Whenever you go through broken heart phase you kind of wish to be a child because bruised knees heal faster than a broken heart. Broken heart gives you an immense amount of pain which is sometimes unbearable.

Harsh words and continuous humiliation do not break the bones but it terribly break the hearts which sometimes become incurable. One must adhere through some basic manner in a relationship where mutual respect should be the backbone of a relationship.

You always break my hearts for no reason but besides of all the grudges that you have, I just wanna say that I want to love you and that’s it. Let’s reunite again and make our relationship an ideal that should be memorable for generations to come.

Why do you think that you won’t get someone better in the upcoming time. Just because someone has intended to break your heart doesn’t mean there is no one to fix it. Just be patient.

Heartbroken quotes to heal your heart

Life seems to be end and nothing looks good whenever you go through the betrayal in life. You can be betrayed by anyone at any point of time therefore just make yourself aware of the fact that your heart is also breakable. Therefore, examine people the most before making friends otherwise you would face lot of problems. A broken heart is more mature to understand how this whole universe and ecosystem works on human relationships.

There is so much to explore and expose life events, henceforth never feel completely devastated after such tragic situations. If you have got the similar problem and you want to come out of it stronger than before then read the following quotes and try to practically adopt these thoughts. Here we go with the best of best heartbroken status;

True colors of a person can be exposed by tasting them in a real meantime, just be ready to get up and go well even after getting betrayal from your closest ones.

Tears might be slow now but the pain you have given me is still alive and eating me terribly. But, the one thing that I learned that trusting someone easily is not good at all.

When I look back I find myself the stupidest person of this world. It’s just because I have shown immense faith in someone who doesn’t even care about my emotions and feelings. Heartbroken but stronger than ever.

Following the heart is quite an impossible job to do especially when it is shattered into pieces.

Instead of opening big mouths just put some effort to open your small brain, you will get very fine prospective of each and everything.

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