Best Sad Hurt Status Quotes For WhatsApp In English

Searching for best hurt status to get some healing power, we have got very good lines for you to overcome it. Being hurt by someone is something which gives us unbearable pain inside of our body, and we generally avoid making it public and keep it private. Some people think that talking about their personal lives break the privacy and intimacy of their lives but it isn’t so always, you can get most out of it. A human being can be hurted in his life through several ways but some pain becomes permanent in our life.

If you are searching for some of the best hurt status then you have landed on right page, in this post you are gonna to get love hurt status, friendship hurt quotes and much more. So without any further delay let’s get straight to it.

Hurt status

Hurt status for WhatsApp

Going through the toughest phase of your life? Don’t worry it happens with everyone, you will overcome it with hurt status Hindi or hurt status in English. We are here to make you out of this, human being have a heart which can be hurt by people around it, so it must not be allowed to expose with everyone.

If you are being hurt by someone in your family members or friends then you should take help of hurt quotes for WhatsApp to let them know about your pain. The person who hurt you would be available in your WhatsApp contact list, then don’t miss this opportunity to make them know about your pain. If they would be human, they will feel guilty for sure. Here we go with our first such line;

Being hurt doens’t mean you are ruined, it just shows how your heart is twisted, torn and wrung.

Don’t be so rattled on being hurt because the pain of today will be the strength of tomorrow. Stay strong, stay healthy.

I personally hate the moment when my anger use to turn into precious tears which I don’t want to waste anymore.

Every time I use to believe on someone, they immediately give me the reason why I shouldn’t trust on anyone anymore.  I just want to be alone and happy.

Sometimes we should not resist ourselves to cry out all our tears so that we can have space for heart full of smiles.

The most paining goodbye are those which are not verbally said to us and they left us alone. It is better to say goodbye and explain it.

I request my heart to stop involving in every shity things, it’s only job is to pump blood and that’s it. Dear heart, you are so delicate and people love to play delicate shots.

I want myself to indulge in things around me but dark nights and vacant times make me remember only you. My heart is hurting just because you are not here with me.

Hurt status

Friendship hurt status

Are you hurt by the deed of your friend to whome you love most in your life? No problem, friends are made to hurt you sometimes. If you have been hurt by your friend then it doesn’t mean that you breakup with him/her, it may be just misunderstandings or miscommunication.

You should never come to a conclusion untill you analyse things seriously by understanding every perspective. However, if you get hurt often by a person near to you, then you should seriously think about your companionship. You can make the person realise that just because of him/her you are being hurt. If you want to sort out things clearly then you should definitely use these friendship hurt quotes.

Why I get so much pain from a person to whom I love most in my life? I am exhausted to being played with my heart every time.

Loving someone selflessly doesn’t gives another person a certificate to cheat on you. Shame on you for making my heart cry.

Do you know what is called the worst pain in this universe? It is when someone hide their tears to roll out by faking people with his/her smile.

Friendships can’t alive for longer duration of time if it is one-sided, one need to think about it. Don’t be so busy in judging people who might be your best friend.

You were the person who told me the sweetest things but you were the same person to tell me the meanest words as well which I have never expected from you.

Sometimes, people being thousands of miles away can give you the happiness which can’t be given by the person right next to you.

My fake smile is just the paradigm of lively pain that can’t be judged by mean people around me. If you’re mean then don’t be keen to get attach with me.

Hurt status

Love hurt status

If you are in a relationship with someone then be ready to get lots of ecstasy and agony both because you will have to go through everything. Lot of people around the world find themselves unable to conquer the pain and grief they get in a relationship, it is so because they are not aware with the reality of a relationship.

The love which might be as pure as Ganges for you, it could be just a timepass for the other person. Before being in a serious relationship, one must definitely check these things seriously otherwise they would be left with nothing besides regret. If you too gets the pain in your relationship then don’t cry, make yourself strong with these love-hurt quotes.

The most drastic part is not that we never talk now, the sad part is we used to talk so much. I have broken once again.

A beautiful girl with the most beautiful eyes stole my heart but the hidden world was full of hurt and lies.

The hardest thing in a relationship is to destroy all the symbols of love after a breakup which used to once mean a lot.

One day you will be wondering in pain what you lost and I will be smiling what I have gained. Living the way I should be, stay away, stay far.

I hate people saying very often “I miss you” but the same person makes no effort to get close to you. Don’t fake me, please!

Wake me up when you get to know and realize the sins you have done because right now I feel like I’m done with you.

Inspirational quotes on hurt

If you are hurt by someone then you need a source of inspiration to get out of this hassle because no one can take you out besides a motivation. Motivation is very important to relive your life as usual otherwise you would be broken and cry every single day. If you want to overcome the hurt problem, then go with motivational hurt status.

They thought I would be broken and never stand on my feet with their humiliation but no, I will stand stronger and fight tougher.

Never be sad what happened bad just be happy because next moment is gonna be blissful. Be optimistic, be realistic.

My family and friends are the reason behind my success and happiness, without them I have no identity at all. I am living this life just for them.

There may be 10 reasons to cry on your luck but there are thousands reasons to smile and move forward in life.

Brave personalities never give up the hope to stay strong because there are thousands of reasons to smile on.



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