Happy Laxmi Puja Wishes 2021 | Best Wishes And Messages

Happy Laxmi Puja Wishes 2021 | Best Wishes And Messages: If you are living in India then the chances are high that you have come across the celebration of Lakshmi call Lakshmi puja. It is one of the most prominent festivals celebrated by Hindus in all over the country with great pomp and enthusiasm. Laxmi Pooja usually falls on the day of New moon also called Amavasya of Krishna paksh. There are various occasions of Lakshmi puja to celebrate but Deepawali is the main festival for worshipping of Laxmi. This festival is celebrated not only in India with across the world with the same zeal and enthusiasm, it is the day to worship the goddess Lakshmi.

Goddess Lakshmi has got great significance in Hinduism, she is considered as the goddess of wealth, prosperity and auspiciousness. Preparation for Lakshmi puja gets started way before it happens, people do cleaning and sweeping to their workplace and house. It is supposed that goddess Lakshmi comes to a place that is neat and clean, therefore people pay special attention to cleanliness. Laxmi Puja is more often celebrated on the third day of Deepawali, there are various mythological stories behind the worshipping of goddess Lakshmi on Deepavali which we will cover in upcoming paragraphs.

Laxmi Puja Wishes

There may be so many questions and queries in your mind regarding Lakshmi puja, in this post we are going to answer all these questions with proof and cause. You may also be searching for Lakshmi puja wishes 2021, Lakshmi puja quotes and things like that, we are going to provide everything you exactly need. Apart from that we will be telling you Lakshmi puja date 2021, Laxmi puja day and much more, so read full article to get everything about Lakshmi puja. So, if you want to give Lakshmi puja wishes to your loved ones then read complete article, without any further delay, let’s get straight to our today’s topic.

Laxmi Puja date and day 2021

As we have previously told you that Lakshmi puja falls on the day of Amavasya in Kartik month, that’s why this year Lakshmi puja will happen on 4th of November 2021. This is also the date of Deepavali 2021, the year Deepavali and Lakshmi puja is going to happen on Thursday. Apart from that Lakshmi puja is celebrated on Friday and this can be done on every single Friday. Some people do fasting as well for Lakshmi puja, but most of the time Lakshmi puja happens on Deepawali.

Why do we do Laxmi Puja on Diwali?

Do you still have the question in your mind that why Lakshmi puja is done on Deepawali? As we must be knowing that Ram has had returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile and the people of Ayodhya lit Diyas to celebrate the day. Lord Ram was the great disciple of goddess Lakshmi and lord Vishnu, he used to worship every day. As per the Hindu mythological books, Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity who likes cleanliness at most, so as to make her happy people worship goddess Lakshmi.

How to celebrate Laxmi puja?

It is supposed that goddess Lakshmi visits to the home of every devotee, and she likes cleanliness at most. Therefore, most of people paint and clean their houses before Deepawali. Goddess Lakshmi rests and settles to the place which is clean and clear, she gives her blessing to every single individual. On this very day, most people lit the candles and electronic lights in their house, variety of dishes are made in Indian households to offer the goddess Lakshmi. However, there are some other reasons as well behind the celebration of Lakshmi puja in different parts of India.

Laxmi Puja Wishes

Celebration of Lakshmi puja across India

India is a country full of diversity and inclusion, therefore, the way of celebration for Lakshmi puja is also different throughout the country. However, the basic way to celebrate Lakshmi puja is by cleaning the house and decorating the floor with Rangoli and Alpona. Rangoli is made by colorful eye-catching flours and rice, it looks superbly amazing.

It is believed that goddess Lakshmi roam around the earth on the evening of Lakshmi pooja, and she visits the household of every true worshipper. Most people in India open their windows and door to welcome goddess Lakshmi in the evening by decorating the place of worship. After the worship, people burst crackers for fun, overall this festival has a vibe that can be experienced anywhere in India.

What is done on Laxmi puja?

People wear best of their outfits on the day of Laxmi puja and lit candles and diyas. Sweets are distributed everywhere in neighborhoods and they greet each other for Laxmi puja and Deepawali at once. Laxmi is the symbol of wealth and prosperity, therefore for better upcoming years, Laxmi pooja is considered important.

Earthenware lamps filled with oil are placed in line and it is used for decoration, everything looks simply awesome. Most of the Indian states celebrate through this way only however, the name of celebration is different in some parts of the country. One of the most famous name for this Puja is Kojagori Lokkhi pujo. This is generally used in Bengal, and people of Bengal show some extra enthusiasm to celebrate this festival.

Vaibhavalakshmi Poojan happens in in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this is one of the most exciting time for people of Mumbai and Maharashtra. In Bengal, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped after 5 day of Vijayadashami in full moon which is also known as Kojagori Lokkhi Pujo. Apart from that, Laxmi puja can be done every month on the day of Friday. Goddess Lakshmi showers her love in the form of wealth and prosperity, therefore you should pay special attention to the celebration.

How to do Laxmi Pooja at home?

Amid this pandemic, we should confine our boundary to worship goddess Laxmi upto our homes only. We should be little hesitant in going out in temples or shrines to celebrate this beautiful festival. There are so many things that we can do at home and make our Laxmi Puja interesting. Celebrating Laxmi pooja at home should be started with the cleanliness of every single corner of our house, we should not keep trash in our home.

Everything should be neat and super clean, goddess Laxmi will only come to you if you have cleaned every corner of the house. We can paint the untidy and rough walls of the house, our office and workplace should be cleaned as well.

Once the cleanliness is done, you should establish laxmi ganesh idol in your pooja ghar, these idols should be decorated with garland of flowers and diyas. Always, get the auspicious timing of laxmi poojan by contacting pandit ji, he will provide you the best time for worship. Once you are done with worshipping, end it with melodious “aarti”. Then after, distribute the sweets to all the neighboring houses and wish them happy laxmi poojan. If possible, then distribute some financial aids to needy people and share some moments of happiness with them as well.

End of the evening, fire some crackers if you wish and that’s it. You can make lovely Rangoli designs at the floor of your house and can do so many things like this.

Laxmi Puja Wishes

Why broom is called Laxmi?

Have you ever noticed your mother paying extra care to broom? Broom is something which has great significance and no one touches it with feet, it should be placed at nice place. As we have already told you that goddess Lakshmi loves neatness and cleanliness, and broom is used for cleanliness of the house. This is one of the most prominent reason for treating broom little special, just because the goddess loves cleanliness broom is also considered as a auspicious thing. Broom should not be touched by feet and it should be placed at nice place with full respect, therefore some people symbolise it with goddess Lakshmi.

Laxmi Puja wishes 2021

Laxmi Pooja is celebrated by wishing each other for prosperity, happiness and wealth for whole year, that’s why it becomes really significant to wish someone. You can use Lakshmi pooja wishes and quotes to wish your friends and family members for a prosperous year ahead. You can wish your younger as a blessing, these little things definitely create big impact to your loved one’s life. When you wish someone, you show your sympathy and compassionate nature to him/her. Therefore this Lakshmi puja , don’t even think to forget to wish your loved ones a very happy laxmi pooja. In next few paragraphs, we are going to give you best Laxmi pooja quotes, Laxmi pooja wishes and much more.

From the depths of my heart, I congratulation you on this Lakshmi Pujan. And, wishing you a very happy and prosperous year ahead. May you get everything you have dreamt of, lots of love and blessings.

Laxmi Pooja is the great day to come together and celebrate, I wish you best of luck for the upcoming journey ahead. May you get prosperity and auspiciousness in your life. Love you and happy Laxmi poojan.

It’s, Laxmi Pooja….I wish you a very happy and blissful year ahead. May goddess Lakshmi give you everything you need to fulfill your dreams and desires. Goddess Laxmi will always be kind to you because you are the most beautiful so I have ever seen. Happy Laxmi Poojan and Deepawali as well.

Laxmi Pooja is not only the day to clean your house and workplace but it is a great opportunity for people like us to forget bad experiences and start a new life. May every single day of your life be happy and prosperous, lots of love and happy Laxmi Pooja.

Goddess Laxmi always showers love on her true devotee like you, I wish you a very happy Laxmi pooja. May you reach the pinnacle of glory in the upcoming years, and fulfill all your silly dreams. Happy Laxmi Poojan to you.

May the true blessings of goddess laxmi preserve your prosperity and happiness, I also wish more opportunities for you to grow and move further, happy laxmi pooja to all of you. Stay blessed!

Goddess Lakshmi shower dhan, sampatti, samriddhi to your life, this is my only pray to this Laxmi poojan. Happy Laxmi Pooja to all of you out there.

The sweetness of sweets, voice of crackers and zeal of celebration should not be less because this is the day we have been waiting for months in advance. I know you are very excited to celebrate this day, just want to say that go crazy! Happy Laxmi Poojan!

May your wealth sustain for long, may your health be fine for long, may your happy nature continue to enjoy us all. Happy Laxmi Poojan and happy Deepawali to all of you. Sending you lots of luck and love, just be happy.

Laxmi Poojan wishes in Hindi

Wanna send best Laxmi poojan wishes in Hindi to your loved ones, we have got some of the best and unique wishes to make your way smooth. We have been providing here some of the best-crafted Laxmi poojan quotes which will definitely add value to your loved one’s lives. These quotes have got some great selection of wordings and vocabulary to make it look attractive and effective. These quotes will convey the best possible wishes in small words, your friends and family members are going to love these quotes. Here we go with some of the best Laxmi poojan quotes, let’s get straight to it;

Aashirvad ho dosto ka,
Pyar ho dosto ka,
Duva ho bado ka aur,
Karuna ho pyari Laxmi maa ki,
Happy Laxmi Poojan to you and your family…….

Kumkum vaale paav lekar,
Maa aaye aap k dwar,
Sukh sampada aapko mile aparampaar,
Maa laxmi aapki har eksha kare saakar,
Happy Laxmi Poojan to you and your family members……

Dukho ka nash ho,
Sukh ka aagaj ho,
Dhan ki barsat ho,
Shanti ka har jagah vaas ho,
Happy laxmi poojan to you my friend…..

Chandrama de prakash aur suraj de roshani,
Maa de pyar aur laxmi de sampatti,
Aapka har sapna ho sakar,
Bas yahi hai ishwar se kamana,
Happy laxmi poojan and wish you happy and prosperous year……

Maa Laxmi kare har eksha puri,
Koi khvahish na rahe aapki adhuri,
Aapko mile khushiyan apaar,
Pyaar maa ka rahe barkarar,
Happy laxmi poojan to you……

Ujalon ka yah tyohar aapka jeevan kare roshan,
Khushiyo se aapka ghar ho manmohan,
Bas yahi hai humari kamana ki,
Prabhu kare aapka jeevan behtar,
Happy and prosperous year ahead…

Kojagari Laxmi puja wishes

Be it Laxmi Pooja or kojagari pujo, the wishes and their results are same, the way of celebration may be different but goddess Lakshmi showers love in equal proportions to everyone. Kojagari pujo is celebrated in eastern part of the india, people of West Bengal and Assam celebrate it with extra energy. People went crazy in preparation of this festival therefore we have got some lovely wishes for the same. You can use it to wish your loved one’s through social media platforms, here we go with such first quote;

May this Sharad Purnima be as great as it should be for us, I wish to grow together with you and pledge to be with you in every single decision of yours. Happy kojagari pujo to you.

Kojagari Laxmi pooja is the great day for us to celebrate the festival of lights, I wish this festival takes away every gloomy day from our lives. Happy kojagari pujo to you.

May the enthusiasm and energy of this festival exist forever with us and we feel as energetic as we are feeling today. I wish you best of luck and lovely charms in your life. Move forward and never look back… happy kojagari pujo!

Happy and prosperous year ahead, may kojagari pujo brings happiness and wealth in your life and you get everything you have dreamt of. Wish you best of luck and charm. Love you the most! Happy kojagari pujo!

The blissfullness of colourful lights, the tranquility of Puja ghar, the vibe, the light  of the moon, everything is so satisfying and relaxing. May it sustain with us forever, happy kojagari pujo to you and your family.

May goddess lakshmi fullfill your house with joy, happiness, prosperity, auspiciousness and much more. May you be healthy and happy forever. I am wishing from inner core of my heart. Happy kojagari pujo!


Laxmi Puja is not only celebrated in India but throughout the world by the Indian community, it is a great festival to celebrate. Everything gets so mesmerized and nostalgic that we enjoy every bit of this day, this day is to worship, pray and share happiness with others. We should thank goddess lakshmi for providing so much things to survive in this life, we shouldn’t feel depressed and demotivated by looking at someone’s wealth. Instead, we should pledge on this day to work harder to achieve glory and prosperity.

I hope you enjoyed every bit of this blog, if you likes this post then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.


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