Best Love Feeling Status In English For WhatsApp

Best Love Feeling Status In English For WhatsApp: Feelings, sentiments, emotions are the some words that keep a relationship intact and long-lasting. These things have even more important when it comes to loving couples, so never take it for granted. Loving couples need to be more attentive towards these things otherwise they might end up in big mess. Love is almost null and void without feelings and emotions, so if there is love so there must be feeling. You can not expect your love to last for too long if it lacks feelings for each other, so you need to be fully aware of whether your love has that emotion or not.

If you too love someone more than anything else then we have got some lovely lines for you, these short but meaningful lines will add value to your relationship. Expressing your love’s intensity through love feeling status in English or Hindi makes your relationship strong and intact. You should let other people know the feelings and sentiments which you have so that there is no confusion. One can express their love feelings with the help of love feeling status in Hindi, you can upload this status on your social media platforms. Inserting your feelings in public is not a bad idea because it enables everyone to what is going on in your life.

In this post we have got some lovely love feeling status, best love feeling status and much more. We have finalized these lines after doing plenty of research, these lines would be catchy and attention grabber and it would hit the core of your loved one’s heart. Here we go with such quotes;

Love feeling status

Love feeling status in hindi

Love feeling status in hindi has some sort of intellectual strength which can convince your emotions in few words. You can get exposure of your feelings and emotions to your loved ones, your loved ones would be convinced in few seconds. These status makes other person realise how passionate and serious you are in relationship, so insert them on whatsapp status, Facebook stories and much more to make your way smooth. Here we go with such first quote;

Allah se ab bas ek hi dua h,

Vo dua hai tumhe khush rakhne ki…



Teri mahngi aansuo ke mere kandhe pe girne se,

Meri sasti kameez bhi aaj anmol ho gyi hai……


Na sohrat ki ichha hai, na daulat ki ichha hai,

Mujhe to bas tere mohabbat ki sakht jarurat hai…..


Pyas jaruri nhi ki paani hi bujhaye,

Kabhi kabhi apno se bhi pyas bhar jaati hai…..


Mai tumhare sath maujud to nhi hu,

Par mera pyar har vakt tumhare aas paas hi hai…..


Meri chand ka tukada ho tum,

Meri dilruba ho tum

Meri jaaneman ho tum,

Tum bin sab kuchh to adhura hai mera….

love feeling status


Mere saamne vaale mohalle me, ek chand sa sonaa rahata hai…

Vo chand nhi, meri hamsafar hai jo chand se bhi pyara hai…..

Pyar karna hi hai to nek dil insaano se karo….

Pathar dil insaan to kabhi bhi kuchal sakte hai……

Meri har tanhai ab bas tumhe pukaarti hai,

Meri har saans pe tera hi to naame-nishaa hai….

Best love feeling status in english

Here are some of the best love status which will ultimately fulfill your desire of getting full attention from your loved one. You can not grab attention or even expect it to happen until you come forward to expose your love, that’s why expressing of thoughts are pretty much vital. Best love status can make it happen, you can upload these statuses as stories, photo caption or things like that. Here we go with first such love status;

I may not be there always physically but my heart always beats for you….I will always be yours…love you darling.

Actually I wanna ask something…..

Can I get a kiss as borrow, I promise I will give it back with full interest….I swear I am not lying

I love the way you smile,

I even love it more when you smile just because of me……

I wanna get full privacy of our relationship…and that’s why I wanna go somewhere far where there is only you and me….

Love has got similar structure like WiFi, you can’t see it but you will get to soon after you loose it…..

Love is the only reason this universe is still in existence,

And, I wanna increase its existence with more love between you and I….

Deep down in my heart, there is a corner which is always incomplete without you,

So come and fill that void in my soft heart so that it can function properly….

I will give you way too much love everyday,

Because everyday I open my eyes I find it unbelievable…..

You won’t even believe how much I feel for you,

You are the reason I am surviving this cruel world…..

Cute love feelings status for your crush

If you have crush on someone and you’re dying to get his/her attention in your life then cute love status might be the perfect way to get it done easily. You will end up getting full attention and consideration just after you start using these quotes. All you have to do is to make him/her see it, and things will work exactly the way you want. Share this type of quotes on daily basis and you will mesmerize him/her. Cute love status has got got some sarcasm in it which can convince big things in short and simple sweet lines. Here we go with our first such quote;

Everytime I say I love you…it is not out of any habit…it is just because I genuinely mean it my love.

I won’t ever need paradise or heaven because I have the companionship of yours which ultimately feels more than any other paradise. Love you may life…..

I will love you always because you have shown me the way to live life without hassling anyone…you have enlightened me through your activities..I will always be there for you….love you in infinity…

Can I expect something more than you, No I can’t. I can never imagine how lucky am I that I get chance to spend time with you.

Love you, love you, love you…..I can say it all the time on repeat mode. It is just because it’s my heart voice.

You have make me realise the true meaning of a relationship, you have given me feelings, you have given me emotions, you have given me thought process…you have given me so many things which is indescribable.


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