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In our hustling and bustling life, everything is incomplete without a shower of love. The most powerful thing in this universe is love which removes all the grievances and connects people. To maintain this feeling of love, the significance of love status has increased greatly, especially in today’s time when everyone is so indulged in their businesses.

In every stage of our life, we definitely love someone and want the same affection from another side too. This love can be of a girlfriend-boyfriend or husband-wife where all limits can be crossed.

It is not necessary that the person we love is always around us, so virtual love can be expressed through romantic love status or love quotes. In today’s time, everyone is well connected through the medium of social media where we can confess our love through best love status.

Love status

For any love to last long, it is very important to follow the ideals of love, that’s why the love status should be such that inspire us to uphold the ideals of love. To preserve the sanctity and morality of love, love status for WhatsApp or romantic love status is needed.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, then the importance and significance of this romantic status should be more for you. These best WhatsApp status will create an opportunity out of it to intensify the love of yours.

You can send this status to your loved one personally or as a WhatsApp status. Many times we found ourselves unable to confess the talk we wanna do, in such a situation you can use these statuses to express your feelings accordingly. By doing this, we can convey our words to each other in an indirect manner.

To intensify the love of yours, we have brought some romantic love status for WhatsApp and love states in English for you. In this post, we are giving you some lovely romantic love status to make your relationship long-lasting and enjoyable.

We have a unique collection of love statuses which is new and more interesting to deepen the trust in your relationship. You can use get all these lovely lines for absolutely free, here we go with the best attitude status:

Love status

Amazing Love Status In English And Hindi

 Always be in love with a soul, not a face.

 Find someone who believes in you when you don’t.

Jealousy is a sign of true love.

 No matter how much you hurt me you’ll always have a special place in my heart.


 Not every girl wants your money and not every guy wants your body.


Love status

 Happiness is watching your crush from a distance.

Your lips are the ones I want to kiss forever.


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Love status

 The best thing in the world is when your crush looks you in the eye.

True love doesn’t have a happy ending because True love doesn’t, end.

 Save your smile for the people who deserve to see them.

 Love is when he makes you cry but you still want him, When he ignores you but you still love him.

 Sometimes her ‘shut up’ sounds more romantic than ‘I love you’.

 I reject everyone just to wait for you.

Love status


 Love is not about romance it is about carrying for another person more than yourself.

When you fall for someone’s personality everything about them becomes beautiful.

The hardest thing in life is watching the person you love loving someone else.

 I don’t say I can’t live without you, I can, But I don’t want.

 Never make anyone very special in your life. because when they change you don’t hate them instead you start hating yourself.

 Love is the person you think about during sad songs.

 Everybody is trying to find the right person, but no one is trying to be the right person.

When your mood is not good without any reason. you are definitely missing someone.

 The best love story is when you fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time.


Love status

 I may not be the most important person in your life. But I just hope that one day when you hear my name you would just smile and say I love him very much.

Don’t be afraid of losing someone who doesn’t feel lucky to have you.

Don’t care for those who are ignoring you care for those who are ignoring others for you.

The person you argue with most is the person you love the most.

When I hurt someone I say sorry many times but someone who hurts me, they behave like nothing happened.

 I hope you understand someday, that no one could love you more than me.

 If you cant love the person who loves you at least don’t use them.

 I get jealous, I get angry, I get worried just because I love you so much and don’t want to lose you.

No matter how busy a person is if they really care for you they will always find times for you.

I hate waiting but if it’s waiting for you I will wait.

 I fell in love with you I don’t know how I don’t know why I just did.

I may not show you but I care for you a lot more than you think.

Love status


 Physical attention are common a mental connection is rare.

 A simple goodbye from someone you love can hurt more than anything.

 You may not realize but you make me smile every day.

 Be with someone who loves listening to you no matter how stupid your sound.

 Don’t fall for sweet words. Fall for sweet efforts

When she wants your time and not your money marry her.

 If she ignores others because of you then she really loves you. Respect her feelings.

 The ones who love you never leave you. Even if there are a hundred reasons to give up, They will find one reason to hold on.

 Nobody is ever too busy. if they care, they will make time.

 So many people are together but not in love with so many people in love but not together.

 Sometimes the best medicine for all pain is to spend some time with that special person.

Love me from your heart not according to your mood and need.

Love status


you can find someone better than me worst than me but never finds someone like me.

If you break someone’s heart and they still talk to you with the same excitement and respect they really love you.

When it comes to love even the smartest people become stupid.

 It’s easy to love someone but its hard to forget someone.

Sorry is just another way of saying that you are more important than my ego.

Beautiful feelings when someone tells you ” I wish I knew you earlier.”


 Being sad with the right people is better than being happy with the wrong ones.

 I think We look cute together.

 Love is carrying for each other even when you’re angry.

 The most stupid thing in the world is acting like a friend with the person you love.

 Never laugh at your girlfriend’s choice you are one of them.

 Make her your babygirl, treat her like a prince, and love her like a queen.

Love status

 A real man doesn’t love many girls. He loves one girl in many ways.

 Missing someone you love is okay. but being ignored by them is really hard.

Your Sorry is useless when my trust is broken


You Deserve a relationship that allows you to sleep peacefully at night


Love is the bridge between you and everything


Spend time with people who are good for your mental health


It’s hard to be just a friend with someone you fell in love with

Love status

Explaining your feeling is never easy


Not everyone is meant to be in your future. some people are just passing through to teach you lessons in life


I fell in love with you I don’t know how I don’t know why I just did


Time will show you who deserves your heart


Some people love you but don’t tell you. Some people tell you but don’t love you


You’re still important to me with or without  conversation


I really appreciate it when people make time for me


People who make you happy are imporatnt


Be Someone Priority not a choice


If you love someone tell them because life is too short to take your time


And in some cases Relationship ends but love doesn’t. 



Don’t worry I am your and you are mine that’s enough for life


You’re the most permanent thing in your life. choose you,always


Maturity is when you love someone deeply but you don’t pressurize them to love you back



A person in 2 months can make you feel what a person in 2 years didn’t time means nothing character does


People may forget you but not the vibe you created


Some people will go some will stay but make sure you don’t give your heart to everyone you met



Sometimes we don’t need love we just need a listener


Yes, I want to see you happy but I don’t want anyone else to make you more happier than me



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