Merry Christmas 2020 | Best Christmas Images, Wishes And Quotes

Merry Christmas 2020

We all know that the purpose of every festival celebrated in the world is only to promote love, brotherhood, and peace. There is some reason behind every festival that makes it special, but the sad scenario is that today we are forgetting the basic ideals of the festival.

merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Anyways, in today’s post, we will talk about Christmas Day and Christmas day wishes. Christmas day is the most prominent festival of people who believe in merry Christianity. Christmas Day is celebrated with great fanfare across the world on 25 December. The special thing about this festival is that this festival breaks all the bonds of caste and religion and it is celebrated by every section of society.

Almighty God Jesus was born on the day of Christmas de. Every year on December 25, Christmas Day is celebrated all over the world to make his birthday alive and memorable. The festival is eagerly awaited by young children as they receive gifts and sweets by Santa Claus on this day.

History related to merry Christmas

There are differences in historians over the history of Christmas. According to many historians, this festival has been celebrated since before the birth of Jesus. Some believe that the Christmas festival is a new form of the Roman festival Saturnalia. According to beliefs, Santunalia is a Roman deity. Later when Christianity was established, after that people started celebrating the festival of Christmas as Christmas Day, considering Jesus as their God.

The history behind choosing on 25 December

It is known that people have been celebrating this festival continuously since the year 98. Rather, in 137, the Roman bishop officially announced the celebration of this festival. However, there was no fixed day to celebrate it then. Hence, in 350 CE, Roman clergy Ulysses declared 25 December as Christmas Day.

According to another belief, initially, the preachers themselves were not ready to recognize the celebration of Christmas as such on 25 December. It was actually the day of a Roman race festival in which the sun god was worshiped. It was believed that this day is the origination of the sun. But when Christianity was propagated, it was said that Jesus is the incarnation of the sun god and then he began to be worshiped. However, it was not recognized.

The right way to celebrate Christmas

Since Christmas is a big festival, its preparations are also big. Santa, Christmas tree, greeting cards, and gifts to be distributed are the main elements of this festival. As soon as the Christmas festival comes, people are seen growing excited about it. People send cards or any gift to their friends and family and send their best wishes to them. Due to this practice of taking and giving cards as Christmas Card Day is celebrated on 9 December every year.

However, now is the digital age. That is why people send photos or images of Christmas cards online and congratulate people for this festival. On this day people share their Christmas status with friends and relatives on social media. Adorned with lights and welt and timid people pray to Jesus in the churches. At many places, Christmas processions are also taken out.

● Crismon tree

The Christmas tree is a very important part of the celebration on Christmas Day. It is a Douglas, Balsam, or fur tree which is well decorated on Christmas Day. It is said that in ancient times Egyptians, Chinese and Hibur people first started this tradition. They believed that decorating these plants in homes removes negative powers in the house. However, the modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. Where this tree is considered a symbol of heaven.

● Santa Claus

On Christmas, the children wait for Santa Claus. Because Santa gives gifts to children. It is believed that the practice of Santa Claus started in the fourth or fifth century by Saint Nicholas. He was a pastor of Asia Minor. He was very much in love with children and sailors. Actually they wanted to see the poor and the rich happy on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Many stories related to them are prevalent in history.

Importance of Christmas festival in Christianity

It is indeed a big festival for the Christian people. They celebrate this day as the birthday of Jesus, so it is a very holy day for them. Jesus is the originator of Christianity. Jesus was supposed to born in the rule of Herod the king. Since Herod died in 4 BC, therefore it can be said that he was born in the fourth BC. The Bible, a sacred book of Christianity, elaborates on his teachings and his biography. 15 days before Christmas, people of Christian society start preparing for it.

Christmas day message

The Christmas festival is a symbol of peace and goodwill. Christmas also gives a message of brotherhood and promote unity by eradicating inequality in society. Since Jesus is described as a messenger of peace in the Bible. He always said in the statements- Peace should be within oneself, No peace is possible without your peace. Hatred, conflict, violence, and war have no place within religion.

Merry Christmas wishes: Christmas quotes

Merry Christmas quotes are needed to wish your loved ones on the day of Christmas or prior to Christmas day. This Christmas status strengthens our relationship, so one should not forget to send Christmas wishes to their friends and family. Here, we have bought some of the best wishes for Christmas.

Here is the Christmas once again, we wish to celebrate many more together.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

May sparkles of Christmas light our life with lots of love and prosperity. Happy Christmas to you and your family.

Hurray! Here is Christmas once again, wishing you a very incredible Christmas and make your Christmas great by lighting a Christmas tree. Merry Christmas.

May your Christmas brings true miracle in your life and may heavenly Father Jesus shower blissful happiness. Merry Christmas to you.

May this festive season of cakes and candles bring a lot of joy and happiness in your life. Merry Christmas dear, cheers!

Christmas story: A Christmas story

You too must have worn socks in your home many times in your childhood and spent the night hoping that Santa Claus would come and leave gifts for you. But have you ever wondered where the story of this secret Santa started? According to popular stories, in the fourth century, a man named St. Nicholas lived in Myra, a place in Asia Minor. St. Nicholas was very wealthy, but his parents had died. He always secretly helped the poor and gave them a secret gift.

merry christmas

There lived a poor man in the same city, who had three daughters. The man did not have the money to marry the daughters. When Nicholas came to know about this, he thought of helping that man. Nicholas approached the chimney of the roof of the poor man’s house and put a bag full of gold from there. During that time this poor man had put his stock in the chimney to dry. In these socks, a bag full of gold suddenly fell in his house.

This happened not once but three times. This is the last time this man saw Nicholas. Nicholas told the poor man not to tell this thing to anyone. But soon the noise of this thing was out, and everyone came to know. From that day on, whenever anyone received a secret gift, everyone thought that Nicholas gave it.

Over time, this story became famous in the world. After this, Nicholas’s story was first formed in the UK, especially in England, and he was named ‘Father Christmas’ and ‘Old Man Christmas’. After this, the custom of giving gifts in socks and becoming a Secret Santa went on in the whole world on merry Christmas day.

Christmas music

Christmas music intensifies the celebration of Christmas. It makes the atmosphere lively and engaging. Christmas carols are a large part of the Christmas song canon.
We are giving you some of the best Christmas song links here which you can listen on the day of Christmas.

merry christmas

Christmas gift ideas

Some people get trouble in Christmas gift ideas, we have provided here some list of Christmas gifts which you can present to your friends and family;

  • Flower bouquet
  • Clothes
  • Toys for children
  • Terrarium candle
  • Winc Wine Subscription
  • CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker
  • Custom Cutting Board

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Christmas images

Christmas images on the day of Christmas are as important as food to a hungry man. It is needed to send your friends and family for wishing them merry Christmas. Here are the best collection of Christmas images;





merry Christmas celebration in India

Although two and a half percent of Christian people live in India, this festival is celebrated with great pomp here. There are some popular churches especially in Goa, where Christmas is celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. Most of these churches were established during British and Portuguese rule in India.

Some of the major churches in India include St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and the Paddock Church in Andhra Pradesh, St. Cathedral, Church of St. Francis of Assisi and Basilica and Born Jesus of Goa, St. John’s Church, etc.

Best Merry Christmas Images:

merry Christmas


merry Christmas


merry christmas

merry Christmas


merry Christmas

Chrismas 2020
Chrismas celebration in Shillong


merry Christmas


merry Christmas

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