Best Miss You Status Quotes For WhatsApp

Best Miss You Status Quotes For WhatsApp: How often do moments come in our life when we desperately miss someone? It happens in everyone’s life at a moment when we get to feel alone and lonely, and we want our loved ones to be present with us. We can only miss those persons in our life to whom we love most, it is human nature and it should be there. What happens in our life is something which we don’t get most of the time, we use to feel alone and forlorn once the person is not with us. When our loved ones go the distance from us then we get to feel their importance and vitality.

miss you status

There are times when we miss someone but we don’t find any perfect way to express our feelings. Expressing our feelings in any way allows us to feel free and less tensed. In this post we are you to give you the perfect way to express your emotions in case you are missing someone. You guessed it right, we are talking about “miss you status“, these quotes give you the peace and tranquility which you need at a time of missing someone. Here we are going to give you I miss you status of every genre, you can choose it accordingly.

Miss you status for best friend

Friends are the most precious gifts so far given by nature in our lives because they add value and sensitivity to human beings’ life. We can’t expect this world with no friends, all of us must be having a lot of friends in our life but some of them will be so important that we call them best friends. But there are phases that come in our life when they have to go apart from us, we have to go through all of this. Friends are missed due to various reasons like college, job, transfer, and much more. Here we are giving you some of the best miss you status for best friends which can help you wipe your tears. Here we go with our first miss you quotes,

miss you status

Just rewinding all the beautiful moments with you, I am badly missing you, my friend, please come to me as soon as possible because I miss you bestie.

This is the time when I get to know and feel about what is a true sense of best friend. Now my realization has told me that you are my best friend. I miss you a lot.

All the fun moments spent with you are really precious and invaluable. I can’t even tell you the way I’m missing you. I miss you and I miss you a lot.

miss you status

Friendship with you has made me feel that I have no identity without your support or presence. I know you are doing good in your life but I am still missing you.

You have told me to come back sooner but still, you are apart, you have promised me to be with me always but you’re not here. All I can say is I miss you and will always miss you.

Sometimes I look back to the time and thank to God for sending you in my life. You have a place and importance in my life which no one in this universe can ever take, please come to me sooner. I miss you and I love you.

miss you status

Miss you status for husband

There are lots of times come in a husband-wife relationship when they have to go through a long-distance relationship, during this period some moments make them cry because they miss their partner desperately. Husband and wife are meant to be together because they need each other, after the marriage, they get dependent on each other. If a similar scenario is going with you and you are missing your better half then these miss you statuses can be boon for you. These quotes will certainly light your mood and you will get relaxed for sure, here we go with our first quote,

Everytime I don’t find you around, my mind thinks of you, my eyes constantly look for you, my heart beats for you, my ears wait for your voice. All I wanna say I miss you, please come soon my darling husband.

The sun still rises in the morning, the moon still glows at night, the rain still drizzles and touch the ground, the birds still chirp, everything is same around me but it’s you who is not here with me. My days are incomplete without you. I miss you my husband.

miss you status

I miss your smile, I miss your face, I miss your voice, I miss your soft touch, I miss your love. I miss everything which you have given me so far. I miss you and will always look for you.

I don’t know why but a sky full of stars, nature full of greenery, birds chirping, raining nothing amaze me after you have gone. Please come to me for bringing light and life into my Life. I miss you!

Miss you status for girlfriend or wife

Being a husband or boyfriend, sometimes we have to go through the separation because of circumstances. If you are missing your loved one for any reason, you can use these quotes to let her know how much you miss her. We have got some lovely lines for you which will be appreciated by your girlfriend or wife. Here we go with the first one;

Now I feel you are the most divine gift so far I got in my life. Thanks for always being there beyond me, I miss you my darling.

miss you status

I am badly missing you, life without you is curse for me which I will never wish to have. My wife is a star but she is missed in the cloudy sky, miss you so much.

Don’t you feel sometimes it is better to kiss rather than miss? I am feeling so lonely and forlorn without you, come soon and add some colors in my life. I miss you!

Life without you can’t even be imagined, I miss your company and long-term discussion. Come to me as I am hungry to meet you. I miss you my sweetheart!

You are the solution to my problem, life without you is worthless which I would never live. I miss you my darling!

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