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Best Mood Off Status In English And Hindi For WhatsApp: Wanna get some best mood off caption for Instagram, we have got some lovely lines for you to express your feelings. Human beings go through every circumstance of life, someday we feel low and someday we feel high due to happenings around us. When something bad happens or we go through overthinking, we feel low and off throughout the day. Sharing your current mood thought process makes you feel comfortable and good, so one must definitely not resist in putting out their emotions on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

There may be some person in your life who might be responsible for your mood off, so by putting your present mood makes them feel guilty for making your heart cry. You can compromise on misunderstandings by dialogue but before that you must make them aware through best mood off quotes in English. Some people feel little shy in putting bad phase of their lives on social media platforms but these things make people aware what is going on in your life. Here we are providing you with some quality lines which will not only express your feelings accordingly but also help you in getting out of the scene.


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Mood off status for WhatsApp

Over the period of time, WhatsApp has become a significant part of our life as it is being used by billions of people around the world. Every single member of a family is on WhatsApp, and we use to share messages and our feelings through it. If you want to grab the attention of your loved ones to look after you in tough times of your life then make them aware through mood off status in English. You will definitely get a company of your near and dear by uploading your mood off status as in bio or WhatsApp status.

mood off status

Mood off, stay away from me!

Feeling terrible and low, don’t hurt me, please!

Sadness has become a new normal in my life, mood off!

Living alone is directly proportional to feeling low, meanwhile, my mood is off.

Mood off, no DP, no status!

God, what have I done wrong with someone? Feeling extremely low because somebody has hurt me.

My heart is crying because it is being played by someone I love most. Mood off!

Don’t judge me by my behavior because I’m going through hell in my life just because of mood off.

Best mood off status for boys

Finding the right wording to express yourself isn’t easy always specially when you are going through terrible mood swings. Teens go through lot of things due to hormonal changes and relationships, it is really normal and usual in every teenager. If you are the person going through a bad phase of your life, then you shouldn’t hesitate in expressing your thought process with the people around you. You can simply do it through media platforms like WhatsApp or Instagram. If your mood is off because of a relationship or bonding with your girlfriend or partner, then you should definitely go with a sad mood off status.

mood off status

Midnight and dark nights make you understand the reality of this materialistic world. Mood off, stay miles apart!

You might think that scars are healing but my heart is still weeping just because of you. So, fuck off from my life!

Being alone is far better than being with wrong person in your life. Mood off!

I don’t know why bad feelings never want to go away from my mind even if I beg them to leave me. Feeling extremely bad and low!

Wanna confess seriously to authority to offer me best acting award for faking this world by pretending I’m happy, no I’m not, that’s reality. I am broken!

When you feel happy you enjoy the song but when you feel low you understand meaningful lyrics. Feeling exactly same.

I don’t know what I am now but I miss what I was then. Meanwhile, everything is fucked up in my life.

Every single individual has two stories in his/her life, one which world knows about and one which only he/she knows. Don’t judge me as I’m not in good mental space.

They say mental stress is nothing but believe me or not it has the power to make you beggar from king. I’m going through the same as well.

There are two things which is not permanent in nature, one is weather and another is my mood. Meanwhile, my mood is fucked.

mood off status

Best mood off captions for girl’s

Girls use to go through lots of irritation and sadness in her life due to relationships and biological processes as well, but most of the girls out there wish not to put things on social media platforms. Is it because of society or people around them, if a boy can openly talk about mental stress and anxiety then why not girls? Girls should also come forward in making their voice heard in tough times, come on and express themselves through mood off quotes.

Being girl isn’t mean we are made to be hurt, mood off and stressed with stereotypes of this world.

They say, it is not good for girls to be open and cool about their thought process but I ask to them, who the hell are you to decide my life.

I am fumbling while speaking, and shivering while writing because I’m in grief due to mental stress. Feeling low today.

I feel like I’m done with my life as I’m sick of the fake people around me. Mood off just gets lost if you want to hurt me.

mood off status

My smiles are there to fake you, you don’t know what I’m going through right now. Feeling extremely terrible.

Without your presence, everything around me look and feel drastic even my mood not feel good.

The simple reason behind my silence is my pain and grief. My mood is off right now, wanna get some intellectual company.

Acceptance of negative people must be done after analyzing their mental health because you never know what they must be going through.

Mood off status for fb

Going through a serious mood off phase, don’t worry this happens with each and every individual but most of the people don’t know the way to get out of this. We have already told you that expressing and sharing your thoughts with people around you gives you lot of relief and rehabilitation. So, if you want to conquer your bad mood then share your mood off status with your loved ones so that they understand you better.

Be it corona or not, it is always better to stay away from selfish people.

Don’t tell your mind as always that everything is ok even when it is not. Try to accept the other side of life too.

Being sweet in this world is not gonna soothe you because impatient hungry people are ready to eat you. Be the way, the world makes you survive comfortably.

If love is being called mood then my mood is off.

Make yourself off from the company of bad people, don’t make your mind and mood go off all the time.

Not in the good mental space, text me at your own risk because I’m going through so-called mood off.

If you want me to behave responsibly then first behave me in a good frame of mind as I’m going through the worst phase of life.

Sometimes I miss you so badly that my mind go off and I got lost. Missing you badly and hence mood off.

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