30+ Best One Sided Love Quotes For Lover

30+ Best One-Sided Love Quotes For Lover: In human lives, there are so many occasions when we feel impatient to express our emotions for someone but we couldn’t, just because the other person is not comfortable and fully convinced. The same happens with love also, love is something which should be convinced earlier otherwise things may go differently and we may end up ruining it.

When you love someone then you expect another person also to love you just because of humanly nature, if you get the love then you are the luckiest person in this universe. But, most people do not get the same amount of engagement and love from another side. It is extremely painful when another person does not care about your emotions whereas you are deeply into it. Sometimes, the opposite person ignores you and sometimes they find themselves in the same position as yours.

The worst part of this problem is that you cannot share it with everyone because most people do not understand it. People make a mockery and they will let you feel that it is immaturity. However, when you love someone deep in your heart you ignore all kinds of mockery and laughter about yourself but it is really difficult to survive out of it.

This is called one-sided love in people’s language, when you find yourself in such kind of situation you can get out of it through one-sided love quotes. We are not kidding at all, you can express yourself through these one-sided love WhatsApp status or one-sided love quotes in English.

Loving someone deep from your heart is not a crime at all, the human heart can attract anyone at any time. If you are also going to that face and you are unable to express yourself completely you can use these quotes in different ways. These quotes can be directly or indirectly transferred to your partner so that he/she can know what is going on.

We have got a bunch of one-sided love quotes in Hindi as well to make your way smoother and easier. You can insert these quotes on your social media sites or WhatsApp to convince your loved ones. We are providing here some beautiful love quotes in English which will eradicate the gap in your relationship. Without wasting any more time let’s get straight to today’s topic;

One-sided love quotes in a new relationship

There are various stages of love, first of all, you will have to find out which phase you’re going through. If you are in love with someone just before a few days or a few weeks, and you haven’t told anything to your loved one but wanna do so, then we have got some lovely lines for you.

One Sided Love Quotes

These lines are very convincing and impressive in themselves, these simple lines will create a very good impact on the other person and you will succeed in your vision. These lines can be used by those who have just fell in love with someone and haven’t convinced their partners about it. Here we go with such first line;

I don’t know why but I’m getting lovely vibes for the past few days, I think it is just because someone has stepped in my life.

I have never believed on love at first sight but right now I am experiencing that, it feels amazing when you see someone you love the most.

I have never thought that I will get indulge in love this way, I mean my body shivers, and I get goosebumps whenever I see you. This time I am not getting it all this is my heartfelt emotion.

I don’t know what you feel about me but I wanna tell you right now that my life will be incomplete without of you, so come closure and promise me to be always around. I don’t want it one-sided at all, I love you.

I haven’t known you for a very long time but sometimes I fear of losing you, promise me that you won’t go anywhere. I want my whole life to be spent around you by looking at your beautiful glittering eyes.

Loving someone is not an easy task at all, you may get breakups and early patch-ups but the real joy is also inherited in it to look around for your love.

One-sided love messages for a little mature relationship

Getting no clear clue or response about your relationship may be quite disturbing and that too when you have spent some years or months. If you are in that phase where you cannot decide what to do next and where to go in a relationship then it means your love is one-sided and not convincing.

One Sided Love Quotes

If you think that your relationship is a little mature and still it is not taking a shape, then go with the below-mentioned quotes. These one-sided love quotes will surely make your partner realize that it is being late and things might be disturbing if not taken decision right now. Here we go with such sarcastic and humourous one-sided love quotes;

I don’t know why but now I’m tired and impatient about this relationship, it is not taking shape at all. We both have our lives ahead, we need to take some decisions. Come on I love you the most.

Stagnation in a relationship for a longer duration is not a sign for a grown relationship like ours, come on and show some engagement in it. Wanna get rid of this one-sided love journey.

I love you more than anything else in my life but I don’t know why I’m not being able to convince the same you. Come on and grab this chance to shape it nicer.

My life is going in prayers and most of my prayers for our relationship to be accepted from birth the sides wanna know your status about our relationship. We are one soul two body so come and let’s make it stronger.

The promise should not be taken earlier if it is not meant to have relied upon the same, you have promised me to make it stronger but you are making our relationship stands still. Come on let’s take a move and make it flourish.

One-sided love quotes after break-ups

Break-ups are the sad reality of love relationships, you might have to go thru it. Never feel bad about something which doesn’t affect the other person at all, if you are the only one to feel sad about it, then believe me you are ruining your own life by not moving on. If another person has moved on then you need to be extra energetic so that he/she can take the lesson of not cheating someone else.

One Sided Love Quotes

If you have loved someone deep from the core of your heart and you have got nothing besides of regret, then the time has come to forget and move on. After going through breakups you get to realize that the love was one-sided and mean from the other side, never feel bad about it because the other person doesn’t care at all about your emotions. Below mentioned quotes will surely give you the path to move on after one-sided love;

What you think I would be broken once you left me? I want to prove you wrong and show the world that I don’t care about fake people called “life cheaters”.

Seeing you with someone else is painful but it is showing me the black side of this materialistic world, people like you are only after opportunity and profit. Short-time profit orientation will be really painful.

I am not cursing you for leaving me after 5 years but I am taking it as blessings of the almighty because he has shown me the true face of this universe. So, enjoy your life and be always happy but never cheat anyone else.

Loving you is nothing less than a drug, I knew that it was addictive but soon it destroyed my life. But, one regret is necessary to get an apparent image of this fake world.

Faking people with different faces is really an easy task, you may open a university where you can teach people how to cheat but all I wanna tell you is that I’m going to open a university to teach everyone how to get rid of it. It’s all because of you, lol.


Life gives us different lessons at different times, all we need is to learn and grow, never get stuck in such circumstances. You may not be able to convince your love sometimes, but you can take a move with a strong heart. These quotes will surely help you get rid of breakups after one-sided love. Apart from that, using the first 2 paras quotes, you can make your way smoother.

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