30+ Best Single Status Quotes For WhatsApp

30+ Best Single Status For WhatsApp: Searching for some of the best cool being signal quotes to put on Whatsapp or social media photo caption, we have got some of the wonderful funny but humorous single quotes. Nowadays everyone loves to put the best caption with their photo to get some cool dude feelings. These quotes are high in demand and everyone is roaming around it on social media platforms. These statuses look super cool when they are posted on social media platforms. You will automatically get a lot of stares and glare on your photos through these captions.

Most of the time, young boys use this kind of single status on their status or WhatsApp story as they look good with their life circumstances. Boys get to relate to this kind of quote that’s why they admire it lot. Nowadays, funny single status is not confined to young generation boys but it is being used by every age group. Girls also show their interest in using a single status for girls on their daily stories or what’s status. If you are also desperate to get some lovely being single status then we have got great paragraphs for you.

Single Status

Being single status for boys

Boys can not even expect running Facebook or Instagram with no being single status, these status are mostly admired by young boys. Boys use this funny status to express themselves as a proud single, they get so much privileged and proud on being single. Sometimes these single quotes are used by boys after their breakups, they use to put this on social media to sarcastically deliver the message to their ex-girlfriend. Whatever be your case, we have got some wonderful lines for you. Here we go with our first quotes,

Being single doesn’t have to mean that I don’t know to impress someone, it is a choice to live on your own without any remote control. I want my life to be lived my way, I am proud to be single.

Do you know what it takes to be single even as a teenager, it needs control, sacrifices, focus, and much more which mingled can’t even understand.

God is really creative and innovative, I mean just look at me. I am proud to say I’m single by heart. I don’t want love in bits and pieces which is not constant. Just chilling because I’m single.

Being signal doesn’t have to mean that I don’t have options but it is a choice to refuse the fake love which can be purchased by showing luxuries. Girls, stay away from me because I have to chill with all my single brothers.

It is better to be single rather than living with the wrong people around you. I am happy and blissful to be single.

I am proud to say that I’m brave enough to refuse outer sources to make my life slave, being single gives me the liberty to enjoy the world through my own eyes and understandings.

Single Status

It takes millions of guts and courage to be alone and single in life because everyone can’t control their emotions and feelings. Just blessed and happy to be single.

Being signal doesn’t have to mean that no one is there to look after you, being single allows you to give yourself extra pampering. I am single means I am there to look after myself.

Just learn to live your life and discover your life with your naked eyes, this can only be achieved through being single.

There is a slightly thin line between your want and need. You may want someone but it is not certain that you need the same person. Being single gives you the magical strength to be far away from these hustling circumstances.

Single status for girls

As we have previously mentioned that girls are not so far away from using these funny single quotes, girls also use these quotes to make them look cool. Girls use to put this up on their stories and Instagram photo captions, if you are a girl and you need some lovely being single quotes then we have got great statuses for you.

I am single because God is busy in creating the perfect life partner for me.

I am single just because I haven’t found someone who deserves me. Are you the guy who can win my heart? #proudtobesingle

All my friends, I’m going to make an announcement today which is, I am going to change my relationship status from “single” to “still single”. I haven’t found the guy capable of dating me.

Most of the time, I am single means that I am stress-free, I have liberty, I have no drama to follow, I have refused to settle or compromise for less. So, I am better to be still single and looking forward to it for some more years.

Being single is 200% better than being in a broken relationship. I am enjoying my life my way by being single.

Single Status

Funny single status for everyone

Most of the time, single status is inserted on social media platforms for fun and creating humor around it. It is done just for the fun because no one in today’s life is comfortable talking about their relationship status. This status gives your social media photos look great in style, these quotes add little light to your photos. So, here we are giving you some of the best single statuses to put on WhatsApp and other social media platforms.

I am not single because I’m just waiting for my boyfriend to stop playing hide and seek.

Being single is much better than being in the trap of your owner. Enjoy your single life, single life is the best.

Dear weather, why are you always interested in being romantic, I am single.

Keep calm, keep goal-oriented, keep focused. All these things can be achieved by just being single so keep single swag alive.

People called me single but I call myself romantically challenged and hard to crack.

I am single but being single doesn’t always mean that I am available for you. Wanna keep this status for some more years.


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