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Do you need some of the Best sorry status in English to put on for regretting or apologizing to someone? There are so many people who are not so used to saying sorry to someone, but Sorry status is something which can be delivered easily to the person and it is so effective. Whatsapp sorry status in Hindi is primarily used for apologizing in case you are unable to say sorry by facing the person. You can simply put these quotes on your story or as WhatsApp status itself, these quotes have deep meaning inherited in them.

sorry status

Some people consider it silly and foolish because they have never experienced it, saying sorry on the face requires a lot of guts and courage. We do not feel comfortable in saying sorry directly because it is not so effective and useful in getting a pardon. If you have committed something wrong and anyone’s feeling has got hurt with it, then you should not rely on just saying sorry.

You can do it in manure which is easy to express but more effective and efficient. Well, if you find yourself unable to say sorry directly then sorry status in Hindi is gonna be soothing for you. These statuses have a full amount of sarcasm and humor which can deliver big talks in very few words.

These quotes give the person feel that you are saying sorry from your heart, and you want an apology in reality. Just ‘sorry’ is not enough sometimes and it can lead to major miscommunication between two people. If you want your every relationship to flourish then learn to say sorry in style and proper way.

I am sorry status is available for every relationship, you can use it as per your need and wish. Sorry status is nothing but an amalgamation of philosophy, literature, and psychology which ends up with some great quotes.  These quotes can be said orally or used to put WhatsApp status or Facebook stories.

sorry status

Sorry status for boyfriend

The fact about sorry status is that it is mostly used by loving couples as they go through so many phases, they need some quality quotes to say sorry. These status will not only help you in getting pardons but it will eradicate all the misunderstandings between the two of you. Break-up and moving on in a relationship is not always advised because it can hurt you later, so it is better to say sorry rather than break up or moving on.

If you too want to save your relationship from getting over then sorry status for boyfriend will definitely assist you. If your boyfriend is upset with you for any reason, then these quotes are really helpful for you.

My all-time favorite, Your face in anger never looks good, you are sweet and humble and your smiling face can steal anyone’s heart. I know I have done silly and insensitive but I can expect an apology from you. Pardon me, please!

I feel sorry to cause your heart pain, I have never thought of hurting you and I mean it. It is just a miscommunication and misunderstanding, please think of it once again. Forgive me, please!

sorry status

My dear bf, I am ready to wait for my whole life for your forgiveness. I have never thought of myself with someone else, I have no identity without you. Please give me an apology and let’s patch up.

Look, you can hurt someone only if you love him. I am sorry means I love you and it is just part of a relationship. Admit it as a silly fight and give me an apology. Please I have never got the intention of hurting you. I love you my darling. Sorry for hurting you.

Sorry status for girlfriend

Well, we all must be knowing that girls have anger on their nose and they get disgruntled very quick. So boys have to go through lot of persuasions to their girlfriend, if you are a boyfriend and you have disturbed your loved one then sorry status for a girlfriend is going to help you. These quotes will definitely help you in getting pardon, here we go with our first quote.

sorry status

My sweetheart, I may fight with you, I may shout at you, I may curse you but I love you and that is more significant. I love you my darling, pardon me if possible.


I wish I could correct every past mishap that happened between us, I have never thought that situation will get faded so quickly. I just want to confess one thing that I love you more than anything in my life. Sorry, my lifeline!


Anger is rubbish and it leads to disturbance and the same happened to us. One thing which you need to understand is that arrogant people never say sorry. I’m not arrogant my baby so pardon me.


I am deeply saddened by the fact that I have hurt you, I never wish to do it again because I can’t even think of moving on without you. Sorry for all the mishaps that I did. Please forgive me if possible.

sorry status


I am sorry status for WhatsApp: Sorry status for friend

If you wanna get an apology soon then make realize your friend that you really need urgent sorry. Putting an apology on WhatsApp makes it public and your friend may like the public domain apology. So getting an apology with the help of sorry status for whatsapp is easy and simple. All you need to do is to put your apology as a status on WhatsApp, you will definitely get pardon.


My friend, I am ashamed of what I have done with you. I have never thought that it might hurt your feelings, if I have given pain to your heart then I am really sorry. Please forgive me.


Some say, everything is fair in love and war, so our little fight should also be okay. You genuinely mean a lot to me. Forgive me.


I am sorry, forgive me, pardon me, excuse me, my apology; I am putting all my words to express my sorry. Sorry.


Extremely sorry for hurting your precious emotions and feelings. I never thought of tearing you but everything happened so quick that I don’t got anything. Sorry, my friend!

sorry status


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