50+ Best War Quotes

We’re having a party for the brave people who serve our country, and these military quotes are a great way to say thank you. Some people put their lives at risk to keep us safe. Valor is a kind of bravery that doesn’t ask for anything in return from them. Our military should be praised and honored. Freedom and liberty are a lot of thanks to the brave men and women who give up their lives to protect the country. Several of them have died so that the rest of us can live in a free and wealthy country.

People who serve in the military have to be brave and give up a lot. So many great men and women have to leave their families behind as they fight for their country.


War Quotes

A man can’t live if he hasn’t found something he’ll die for.


When someone is in charge, they serve.


People who try to get good things.


We can only stay free if we have faith in freedom.


I don’t know what these men will do to the enemy, but by God, they scare me.


“If you find yourself in a fair fight, you didn’t plan your mission well.”


“Just war theory has been turned into a form of defense for whatever atrocities your favorite country is doing.”


If you pay taxes, “war” is like a vacuum cleaner that sucks the money out of your pocket and sends it right to robber barons who own weapons factories.


“Be kind and fair to all people from all over the world.” “Make sure everyone is happy and peaceful.”


people do not make “Wars; the government makes them.”


11: “War doesn’t show who is right, only who’s left.”


“The means of protecting the country from outside threats have in the past been used to oppress the people at home.”


“No country could keep its freedom amid constant war.”

War Quotes


“It is our true policy not to form alliances with any part of the world outside of our own country.”


“No long-term war can protect the freedom of a democratic country.”


At no time can the executive decide whether or not there is an excellent reason to start a war.


“We want peace because we know that peace is the climate of freedom.”


Even though force can protect people in an emergency, only fairness and cooperation can eventually lead people to the dawn of a peaceful world.


People will do more to help peace than our governments will in the long run. However, people want peace so much that governments should one day let them have it for a while.


This quote says that peace “cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.”


“I was once asked why I don’t join anti-war protests. There is a pro-peace coming up, and I’ll be there. I said that I would never do that.

best War Quotes


This is what 22 says: “True peace is not just the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.”


“Dogs are our way to heaven.” They don’t know evil, jealousy, or being unhappy. So when you sit with a dog on a hillside on a sunny day, Back in Eden, doing nothing wasn’t boring – it was peaceful.


“Peace is not the absence of conflict. It is the ability to deal with conflict peacefully.”


“The best people who have ever lived were the ones who brought people together and set them on the path to cooperation, effectiveness, and peace.” People who have been thought of as the best in the world have helped unite people and not break them apart. In other words: “They haven’t been destroyers of differences, but the ones who have tried to make them work together.”


“If you like war, be an American.” To enjoy peace, become a citizen of the world.


“The nationalist not only doesn’t like when his people do bad things, but he has a perfect memory for not even hearing about them.”


“Whoever wants peace between countries should try to limit the state and its power as much as possible.


What is strange and disgusting about war is that men who don’t fight each other should be trained to kill each other in cold blood.


“Society was born out of the work of peace; the heart of society is making peace.” All things start with peace, not war.


The end of war is always about betrayal, “betrayal of young people by old people, of soldiers by politicians, and idealists by cynics,” says the author of War and Peace.


best War Quotes


Europe is far more against war than the United States is. They’ve been to more wars, and they don’t believe in it anymore, so


 “I believe that killing under cover of war is murder.”


 “A free people will always choose peace.”


This quote says that only in times of fear when people are afraid does the government return to its primary and sole role of protecting itself, and the other things that government protects fall.


Getting popular and being patriotic still leads to power and tyranny, but it’s not always the best way to get there.


“The guilt of a war that was not necessary is very high.”


Good war movies are anti-war movies. I don’t think it’s the best phrase, but if you want to say it that way, every good war movie is anti-war.”


“The difference between what we do and what we could do would be enough to solve most of the world’s problems.”


“Courage is grace under stress.”


 “What’s the most important thing in life? Being able to lose without giving up.”


“Courage is rightly regarded as the first of human virtues because it is the quality that ensures all other virtues,” says the author.


“To dare is to lose one’s footing for a short time.” But, on the other hand, to not try is to give up on yourself.”


In the words of the author, “Courage is not giving up when things don’t go your way.”


“Courage is being afraid to die, but going anyway.”


No one should be afraid of anything in life. They should understand it. When we learn more, we won’t be scared as much.


 “Courage is the first human quality because it is the quality that makes the rest possible.”


“War is not a good way to get things back to the way they should be, and it makes things worse, not better.”


During a war, we can only do one thing. It has to be won because defeat is worse than anything in battle.


“In all of history, there has never been a war that wasn’t started by the governments alone, even if it was a success. To the people, war is always bad, even if it’s a success.”


“War only happens when the rich think they’ll make money from it,” says the author.


There will always be wars, of course. They are easy to stop, like glaciers. I think that, too. If wars stopped coming like glaciers, there would still be dead.


“Yes, a lot of politicians are lying. There is no question about this. But some of them aren’t just liars. They are also serial killers because they send people to wars independently.


These things are called empires by people who don’t know better. In a desert, people call it peace.


“War is what happens when language doesn’t work.”


“No war is certain until it starts.” This is what people say.


 “The dead have seen the end of the war. Only they have.”


“All war is a sign that man hasn’t been able to think for himself.”


“War is cruel, and you can’t make it better.”


“The basic act of war is to destroy, not just human lives, but the things that people have made with their hands.”


People say: “It’s too stupid, it won’t last long.” But even though a war may be “too stupid,” it doesn’t mean it won’t last.


Because war is the beginning and the growth of every other threat to public liberty, it’s the one to be afraid of.


WHO will bring tyranny and oppression to this country under the guise of fighting an enemy from another country, says 63.


“In the end, every gun that is made or a warship launched, or a rocket fired means that someone has taken something from those who need food or clothes.”


“I know of no safe place for society’s ultimate power but the people themselves, and if we think they aren’t well-informed enough to use it wisely, we should not take it away from them but teach them how to use it; wisely.”


The war will end. The leader will shake hands. The old woman will keep waiting for her martyred son. That girl will wait for her beloved husband. And those children will wait for their heroic father. I don’t know who sold our homeland. But I saw who paid the price



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